Don´t be afraid of being you
The worse you can do to yourself
Is denying your own self-expression...

Your thoughts and emotions
Are your true identity
Fingerprints in this world...

Your inner universe
Is multi-dimensional
Be proud of it
Be it in full
Let it breath
Let it flow...

You are unique
Your essence the legacy
You will leave in this existence
How do you want to be remembered?

-Simone Bittencourt-


The landscape was immaculate white
The snow had fallen heavily
Winter arrived bitter and merciless
Dry trees with their twisted branches
Paraded nude
Along the now vulnerable woods

Some animals without food supplies
Went to hibernate
Small creatures had no choice but facing
The unforgiving weather
to fight for their own survival

Throughout the winter
The sky standed gray, unremarkable
Nothing but a melancholic expression
Birds flew low and made agonizing-like sounds

People on the streets used to hide behind
Heavily armored coats
Only showing an expression of apathy in their eyes
The coffee shops got overcrowded by mass of individuals
Looking for some warm to placate the cold that hit hard their bodies

Mounts of snow piled everywhere
Making the back and forth of pedestrians and vehicles
Incredibly hard

But still
The landscape was beautiful
The season
Still charming
And life still
Worth of living...

-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-


Eyes, hands, body movements, and tons of words left unspoken. "Carol" is a movie that relies heavily on the nonverbal language.

Therese is a young lady who works for a department store in New York City. She is shy, discreet, quiet, an independent thinker, an attentive observer of life and people, and still quite uncertain about what direction to shift her life to and how to define her identity as a woman.

One day, there comes Carol to the store, and Therese becomes completely in awe of her. Impossible to be otherwise! Carol is mysterious, confident, sophisticated, very sensual, and breathtakingly beautiful! Mesmerizing in all the ways... She is an one of a kind character. So remote in her way of being her, but not through her eyes. Her eyes and half smiles haunt Therese with undeniable interest. Carol´s eyes have a vocabulary on their own. They convey all kinds of emotions like a kaleidoscope.

This way, starts what could be taken as an unlikely bond between two women of very different backgrounds, ages, social status, and life circunstances. The undertones that permeate all the relationship between Carol and Therese are so magical... As viewers, we become accomplices and confidants of the intimate portrait of their mutual love.

Carol seems unable to resist to involve Therese in her web of secrecy, without thinking about the consequences. Carol desires, Carol loves, Carol expects things from Therese, assuming that there is no need of any explanation about her actions or thoughts or emotions. She is, in fact, very lonely in her remoteness. She has too keep a lot under control, disguise a lot of what lives inside her. To Therese is left the task of translating what is left unspoken all the time.

Therese, in awe, follow Carol as if she was under a spell. Carol is like that fog that attracts you, wraps you in a trance-like state and makes you willing to get lost in its intricacies, a serpent, all coiled in absolute self-possession. It is her glossy beauty and enigmatic nature that keeps Therese diving deeper and deeper into her world. Therese is so young, naive, and impressionable... Regarding life experiences, she is still crawling while Carol is already an accomplished scholar.

But there is something that is very unique in Therese that starts, little by little, leaving Carol at easy to be her. There is no threat, boredom, or emptiness in Therere's presence. Carol seems so flattered by the way Therese adores her. She feeds it with her inquisitive and intense gazes and half smiles. She does not give  much of herself at certain extend, but she clearly  wants to be present in Therese´s moments. Somehow, her own way, she is also in awe of Therese. It will take a very long time for her to open up about her feelings, her love for Therese.

Carol seems to like the challenge of sculpting in Therese love and admiration towards her. She has certainly a bit of a narcissistic nature. She is sovereign, but at the same time gets ambushed by Therese´s intense interest in her. In fact, the truth is that the spell becomes mutual. Most of the movie is this parade of nuances revealing mutual feelings that burn little by little, until culminating in a profound connection of two hearts, minds, souls, lives, and many needs. With many twists and turns, come the transformation: Therere becomes more and more assertive and Carol more defenseless, unguarded.

Carol and Therese cannot live their love in open. It is the 1950's America. A time when the society was based on keeping up appearances at all costs. People wanted to convey perfect selves, perfect lives, and perfect everything. No matter if their lives or families or selves or jobs were falling apart, they had to hold things up and suffocate them no matter what. It was like the character of Julianne Moore in "Far From Heaven". She could not even cry inside her home. She had to hide behind the bushes of her backyard, so repressed those times were.

This love is pure, deep, passionate, understanding, delicate, and captivating. The story is, above all, this engineering that falling in love is all about. So exquisite, so rich in meanings. It transcends... As the magnificent Cate Blanchett, who gave the flawless performance as Carol, said: "volcanic feelings".

Sometimes, so much is happening between two people, an earthquake, a tsunami of emotions and still people around them may not notice a thing. I think especially when it happens between two women in love, because women are all about nuances, overtones, undertones, so much is exchanged in silence, very subtly, discreetly, almost telepathically. Women just know without the need of words, they identify the meanings in one another. The most ordinary things can be so revealing...

Carol and Therese's relationship is like that. The beauty and impressiveness of it happens exactly in these moments of complete silence, those long scenes without dialogue. Only eyes and hands and the body movements speak and they certainly speak a thousand words. This is a love that goes beyond the boundaries of one's skin. So divine, sublime, and alluring it is. Takes us hostages of it from the beginning to the very end!

-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-


Don't try to silence kids
We have important things 
To learn from them

Their minds are fresh
Their thoughts come in torrents of creativity

Kids are as authentic as can be 
Free souls
Not tied to any convention

Their natural innocence
Make them original to the core

Children have the honesty
Grown ups lost
No masks, no shields, no make ups
Just plain honesty

They love a good laugh
That can last for hours in a row
The reason why?
Nothing in particular
They seem to have fun
Even with the sound of it!

Kids don't need great possessions
To see value in life
Old leaves
Little stones
 A hill to climb up
These things are enough
To feed their ambitions
Because they live the moment
Not days or weeks or months ahead
They embrace life
Made of seconds, minutes
Fractions of time

They don't mind to walk in rags
Have dirty hands and faces
Kids are innate adventurers
Eager to explore everything around them
With the thirst of passionate scholars

Let them be free
To be who they want to be
This kind of freedom is rare 
And must be savored to the core of the bone
Before maturity steals it forever...

-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-


It snows
Torrents of cotton
The ground is immaculated white

Snowy days
Have a particular silence
That is possible to hear
Like muffed cracks

Vastitude of softness
Serene and sensual

The wind comes in gusts
Slashes the windows
As a desperate lost traveler
Looking for shelter
In the middle of a storm

Blanket of snow
The only sovereign thing standing right now

Tiny flakes
Fall as parachute jumpers
Embracing the surfaces
With the delicacy 
Of a lover's touch...

-Simone Bittencourt Shauy- 


That golden hair
Blowing by the dancing wind
Looked like silky reins
Trying to tame impetuous horses...

It extended the beauty of such an extraordinary face
That not even the talent of a Michelangelo
Could capture its splendor...

The hair slapped her skin again and again
Gentle whips
Reminding me of 
Sunshines and diamonds...

I could contemplate them endlessly
But who knows
It did not hide the power of the great Medusa
Who turned her admirers
Into forever stones...

-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-


You live inside my eyes
Have a story into them
They follow you
Wherever you go
They know your essence
Have studied all your gestures in nuances
They know about your beauty
Certainties, doubts, 
Dreams, secrets, hesitations...

These eyes are full of you
They love you
They reverence you
You are what make them shine
You are what fuel them with fascination...

Your very existence
Has given them a new purpose
To rebirth every day
And savor the intensity of this life
That is more meaningful
Because you breath it, smile to it
Flourish throughout it...



Inside me
I am many characters
They constantly challenge me
To be my essence
To the world outside
I am a dream maker
A light catcher
A matchmaker of my own destiny
What I feel transcends
All layers of life
I am a person with no disguises
A woman
Who creates new colors and patterns
To the kaleidoscope of reality
I am not afraid of being me
Because everything I am
I gave my very best to create
No matter tears
No matter fears
No matter judgments
No matter obstacles
I am my own invention
My biggest conquest
I want to go far and above 
My soul has the ambitions
Of a fearless explorer
I want to open all the gates of love and happiness
Reinvent them
Get lost in their charms
Follow them down the river
Up the mountains
Across deserts and forests
With the breath of the wind
Love and happiness are my legacy
I want to be free
I want to be me
I want to fly
I want to reach the core of the sky...
-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-


In my dreams
I hear voices
That bring back
The meaning of my choices
I have a chain of thoughts
Which count my gains and losses
My desire to thrive it reinforces
I am a force of nature
With an explosion of energy
Life is in my veins
Like a wild horse
Without reins
My eyes search for a light
That will take me to other dimensions
Worlds in constant transformations
Path of illuminations
My essence speaks the language of love
It embraces souls of all sorts
Blend with me
To discover your destiny
I am a real person
Building castles of sun and flowers
My heartbeats increase along the hours
While dancing through the nights
Between shadows and the castle towers
Come with me for a while
Lets our thoughts and emotions reconcile
Lets get lost
In the flow of who we are
 We can dream very far
Nothing can set us apart
Because love catches us off guard
Everything can become a great deal
Until all that got lost in translation
Finally be revealed...
-Simone Bittencourt Shauy-


They are all inside

They are all inside

They are all inside

They are all inside

All the things and people which we are to the outside
Are born, live, and grow
First... they are all inside!



Sometimes we may see life like this room here, in wretched conditions, falling apart completely . The scenario may seem hopeless, but at times, the best and the most revolutionary changes happen after a storm, a radical twist of life, taking us away from our comfort zone, our bubble of convenient paralysis. 
Yes, the ceiling is collapsing, the windows are all broken, the ground under our feet rotting, the walls losing their strength. The moment is so devastating, that demands us to face the reality and reflect about what might have happened to cause such a mess. Were we happy before? Were we making the right choices? Were we choosing well our relationships? Were we taking an attentive care of us? Have we forgotten our priorities, our happiness, our dreams to allow others around us succeed, be happy, have their dreams come true? A life does not crumble without a trigger factor, without a repetition of actions, without a lack of giving importance to what really matters! There is always something left behind, neglected in order to lead to such dreadful consequences! 
Take a deep breath. Sit down. Start challenging your memories. Bring back to your mind past events. Try to find patterns in them. Remove all the band-aids you used as a panacea and look at the wounds without disguises. Think about the days you said yes when you knew you should have said no. Think about the opportunities you lost because you were afraid of being exposed, or felt inadequate, or not worthy of them. Think about what you did or did not every time someone did not treat you well. Think about how much you forgot of yourself to prioritize other people's well-being. Think about everything that somehow made you feel less, lost, hopeless, sad, bitter, empty.
Now, look again around you and try doing something different. Bring back your inner energy and start removing out of this room everything that is useless, that is only there to block your way or make your movement difficult. Open a new space for you. Then, start collecting all pieces of shattered glasses to not let them hurt you anymore. Remove the curtains in front of you. Let the sunlight comes in freely. Now mop the floor. Remove all the dust, dirty, old things, and clean it until it starts shinning again. Make a brand new path to yourself. After all the cleaning and reclining, look again to the place, the scenario of your life. Now it seems a promising possibility for a new life, doesn't it?
Decorate your life with flowers, colors, aromas, positive energy, positive beings. Make of this place a welcoming place to you first, then others. Make a place where you really feel at home, not an intruder or a fish out of the water. Make it pleasant, beautiful, cozy. Bring light and freedom. Build your second chance to be happy and fulfilled. Be yourself, live your essence, your truth.
Then you will see that you not only engineered a new home, but also a new self to you. Breath and live. It is your new beginning and the sky is the limit! Good luck!



It is night
The lamps pave the way 
For the streets to shine 

The traffic is no more
The movement of people is scarce on the walkways
The businesses close their back doors

The darkness of the skies brings some rest to the city
Always frantically rushing throughout the day

Only when the streets sleep
Is possible to contemplate the beauty of its long avenues
The poetry of its parks
The freshness of its air
The breath of its core

It is such a fascinating atmosphere
It mesmerizes our senses
It makes us fall in love with its magic spell



She thought about giving the speech of a lifetime
She walked to the stage
She looked at the audience
She gave a deep breath
But the words did not come

The thoughts got confused
The emotions overwhelmed

She had a lot to say
Her inner self was a world full of possibilities
Very dynamic, versatile, rich
But again, it stayed stuck deep there

Why people usually do not say what they have or want to say?
There are so many reasons...
Fear of judgement
Fear of being vulnerable
Fear of being one's self
Fear of rejection
So many fears, indeed! 

All of us live in two worlds simultaneously 
The world outside and the world within
Usually they are very polarized

In the world outside
Most of the time we have to use shields and masks
To survive the turmoil of stormy situations
Which challenge us to the extreme

But in the world inside
We can leave these shields and masks aside
They are not needed
We are safe, at home
We with our own selves
We can breath freely
No hesitation whatsoever
No need to chose the words to speak openly
No need to give the emotions a make up 
It is a world where all kinds of expressions are sovereign 

The way she came to the stage she left
It was felt as a personal failure
She walked away
Everything she did not say
Grew inside
No seeds were left to be spread to the outside

It was not that she gave up 
She just needed more time
To face her fears
And promote the meeting between her two selves 

When that finally happened
It was a blast
She felt as light as a butterfly
As strong as a rock
And happy as a new day
When the sun shines fresh in the horizon

People just need time, that is all!



The clouds left the sky
It is intensely blue now
Immaculate clean and vibrant

The sun rays feel beyond the skin
They shine the shadows of the soul
The heartbeats change their pattern in excitement
The air is fresh, the breeze calming

All this energy that flows from nature
Makes us enjoy life to the fullest
It is amazing how these invisible forces awaken our senses
Taking us away from the catatonic state
The daily routine enslaves us into.



Violet and Daisy
Were born Siamese twins
Then sold by their mother
Who considered them unwanted beings

A woman named Mary Hilton
Bitter and full of stings
Took the babies under her wings
Relating to them just a pair of things

Using them as commodities
Mary exhibited  them
To the public eyes as oddities

Violet and Daisy grew up without a life on their own
Pain, fear, abuse were the only reality they had known
They were forced to learn to play instruments
Having to practice countless times without a stop
Exhausted every day they always did drop

Soon a new person arrived to the girls's lives
A brutal man named Meyers became their manager
He exploited the sisters mercilessly
In any way they could not go against him
As they were under the threat of sharp knives

He took them to appear in vaudeville circuits
Making a lot of money
Under the girls' expenses
If the twins resisted to do what he said
His behavior with them was all offense
Physical and psychological abuse
Were endlessly in use
Anything could be an excuse

The fortune the twins made
In their hands never came
Could not make use of what they earned
Because Mary and Meyers the fortune to their bank accounts turned
Violet and Daisy lived in the "Meyer's mansion" as maids
Being mistreated always under their abusers' shades

But when Violet and Daisy turned 22 
A very honest man step up on their side to be their lawyer
When the trial ended
All that real life slavery they lived all their lives so far 
Was finally over
Their upbringing had been so bizarre
Emotionally they would carry a forever deep scar

Now, for the first time 
They could live their lives as they pleased
They changed their hair styles 
Went to parties
Made many friends
Also some boyfriends
Always looking for a kind of  happiness that would never end

It is true that the Hilton sisters reached great fame
But their condition was much more a curse than a blessing 
Some problems were always the same
It was hard for them to have normal relationships
Because they were conjoined
The society judged them morally
And nothing seemed acceptable
To frustration and loneliness they were constantly susceptible 

In 1961 they got a public appearance in a drive-in cinema
But their tour manager abandoned them to their own fates
Misery and despair parked in front of their gates
They knew to play beautifully music, also dance, and sing
But now nobody wanted them anymore under the wing

As  time passed 
The reality around them changed
The sideshows appeal faded
And their show business career 
Never had again a promising premiere 

Unable to take care of their finances
And after being exploited to the core
The sisters from riches to rags 
Found themselves without a penny in their bags

Suddenly all the eyes on them 
Became indifferent eyes to them
It was too hard to find a part
And their lives completely fell apart
Success and fame did depart
Never again they could restart

They had to beg to have a place to stay
A plate of food to take away 
Only very few people helped them when they needed the most
Uncertainty had been in their lives always a ghost
In a grocery store they got a humble post
At least, they finally found a generous host

Throughout their lives
Violet and Daisy had not really had what all of us dream of
Happiness and love
Something to fulfill that emotional emptiness they carried within
They did not reach the joy of being
As if to be born each one a conjoined twin
Had been their ultimate mortal sin

One day
Daisy got a Hong Kong flu
Very sick she grew
The sisters aside from other people's eyes
Decided to inside their tiny room hide
Soon Daisy died

A doctor proposed Violet a surgery to separate them
But Violet refused
Being without her sister was no use
They had lived literally together all their lives
Connected even closer than bees with their hives

Two to four days after Daisy died
Violet passed away
So sad must had been also that day

It is impossible for us to understand
What being inside their shoes meant
A way to cope with their disability they had to invent
In their graves their unconditional love for each other
A generous soul carefully did cement


Blow wind
Take with you the sorrows of the world
Take away all the pain
Take them all with your power over all lands
All valleys, mountains, ocean, air
Blow everything that build shadows of darkness
Into people's hearts and minds
Free the world of this heavy load
Of lack of love, compassion, and principles
Free this world of things that ignite tears of sadness
Free this world of this cage of anguish
Blow as strong as you can
As far as you intend
I love to see the movement of your waves over the fields
It gives such a liberating feeling...
Blow... blow...


Honor Diaries is a movie that tries to bring awareness about violence committed against women and girls in societies where they are seen as commodities and made responsible for carrying the "family honor". They live in such brutal environments where men have absolute power over their lives, bodies, and destinies. They are targets of psychological abuse, rape, female genital mutilation, torture, slavery, captivity, stoning, acid attacks, and murder. The perpetrators can be fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, husbands, sons, in-laws, community leaders, even mothers of the victims. When a  murder is committed in name of honor it is called "honor killing", though there is nothing honorable about it. In the most majority of the cases, the perpetrators get away with their crimes. It is absolute impunity. Women and girls in these very patriarchal societies and families live under constant terror, humiliation, and unimaginable oppression.
Though we are in the 21st century, it seems that certain values and traditions are still stuck in the Middle Ages. In my point of view, it is not a matter of culture or religion, it is about cruelty, ignorance, cowardice, and domination. Nothing can really justify these atrocities! These women and girls are born to live destitute of any rights. They are taken as objects to be traded, used, violated, and punished. Above all, they are stripped of their humanity!
Honor Diaries is a very poignant documentary also about women determined to fight against these horrific crimes. Women who decided to get together to find justice to the vulnerable ones and find a way to empower them to sit in the driver seats of their own lives and never be again exposed to the ignorance and cruelty of despicable men and other accessories of their crimes. The guests of this movie are very inspiring women, with power and wisdom in their voices and attitudes. Women willing to promote changes in their own societies.
We, as women, must empower others which are in vulnerable situations and victims of systematic abuse around the world. Women and girls must know that united they have power and the right of living a dignifying existence, be happy, choose what they want, who they want, when they want, if they want. Gender apartheid is unforgivable! Women and girls are not second class citizens! Women and girls are human beings. Women and girls must be the owners of their bodies, lives, voices, and choices. Nobody has the right to deny them their existence in a fair and inclusive world.


"It is a systematic institutionalized misogyny!" - Nazie Eftekhari


What a delight
To find notes in old books!
For me, it is the experience of being transported through time
And reach an atmosphere that is not my era
And be friends with a new someone from an old time
When I contemplate the handwriting
So many questions come along
I try to figure out the personality of the writer
I want to find somehow a way to connect emotionally
With the mysterious person who wrote the notes
It may sound strange
But this search through the unknown
Is wrapped in so much fascination...
It is really an exciting feeling!
It is like to be a resolute detective
Analyzing clues to solve something
That will prove extraordinary

While I have the book with the notes
That person will be forever part of my life
I like to think that maybe one day
We will meet in other dimentions
I like to keep the irresistible enchantment of it!



Autumn and its blushed face
Stunning splendor of colors
The season when the transfiguration of Nature
Unfolds in front of our very eyes in an amazing speed 

Autumn and its melancholic mood
Serene and pleasant
A magic silence
Made of many voices

Autumn and its hypnotic gaze
Mesmerizing foggy mornings
A season to fall in love with
Get lost in its arms
Let be taken by its seductive personality


The village was located in a rural area
It was small and crowded
Life was simple
Basically hard work
The houses were little
Sparse furniture
The doors hardly closed completely
The windows were almost permanently opened
Unless during the heavy rains season
People of all ages
Used to walk along the dusty streets
Everybody knew everybody
There was a sense of family
Sense of values
Sense of companionship
Nothing was fancy
But everything was genuine
Words and attitudes
Warm atmosphere
People did not have education
But were educated
People did not have money
But were rich
Everything was an amazing combination
Of love, understanding, giving, and respect
There were no egos
No hard words
No hard feelings
No empty meanings
Nature was generous to people
As people were generous to Nature
The simplicity of everything was something
Life was lived in full interaction
Full awareness
Full wisdom
Time was never in a rush
It kept a slow motion pace
The village was a world of wonders
It had the eloquence of the pure of soul


There was a time to run free along the streets
There was a time to fly kites
There was a time to jump puddles
There was a time when all kids got together to have fun
By enjoying the sweet silliness of childhood...
Then, out of a sudden...
Came a time of big turmoil
It was not safe anymore to run free along the streets
It was a time to find a place to hide
Now the puddles were made of blood instead of water
It became so difficult for gatherings
As people got lost in the middle of complete chaos
Mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives, children
The sweet silliness of childhood was gone
Children had to grow before their time had arrived to grow
Children had to deal with extreme changes in the family dynamic
Children had to face something very scary to them: instability, uncertainty
Children had to witness every day their mothers' faces with a paralyzed expression of fear
Children were caught in the middle of something they could not understand
Children lost their innocence
Reality became tough
Smiles gone
Schools gone
Playgrounds gone
Houses gone
Food gone
Dignity gone
In some cases even their entire family picture was gone
Far away and forever from their very eyes
Children of war
Orphans of happiness
Orphans of their right to be children
Orphans of a future
Some...orphans of life
Life that had colors
Life that had love
Life that had a tomorrow
Life that had freedom
Life that had life
The sound of bombs exploding replaced
Children's giggling
The blue color of the sky was replaced
By dark gray clouds of smoke
The many stories of each house, each street replaced by
Mountains of debris
Unrecognizable landscape
We know something is wrong
When children cannot be found
At places they used to play together
Something is wrong
When they no longer are disconnected from the worries of adult life
Something is wrong
When they arrive in processions in the hospitals
Something is wrong
When they are told that their mothers, fathers, siblings
Are no longer looking for them
Something is wrong
When people forget that they are children
That their integrity and innocence must be guarded
Something is wrong
When instead of smiling and talking
They cry with not tears
And speak in silence
They are still breathing, still leaving
But, in fact,
The child in them is no more...
The scariest thing about Humanity
Is when people no longer care about the fate of children
Then, we know, something is utterly wrong!


Green is the valley
Surrounded by majestic mountains
Life has been living here undisturbed
Heavenly peace
The foggy mornings
Wake up in slow motion
As the nights don't like to give up their dreams to a new day
The endless fields of velvet grass
Are combed by mild winds
Trees have housed thousands of little creatures' nests
For generations and generations
Everywhere birds parade their intense colors
Orchestrating the sweetest melodies
No man has touched these lands
 Immaculate they are
When torrential rains blanket the valley
Everything becomes so vivid, so alive, so beautiful

These are all the daily miracles of life unfolding
Like a carossel that never stops moving...




Mrs. Miniver's rose...
A rose was named after me. I love roses! It is interesting how much an ordinary gesture of kindness can affect someone's life. Because I use to greet the gardener every day, it made him to want to name the rose he nurtured with absolute devotion Mrs. Miniver. The rose is a masterpiece of nature. Its petals feel like velvet. Its red has an impressive intensity. Its shape has flawless edges. Its perfume, oh, is a feast to the senses! I have never seen something so divine. So, I was very touched by the compliment, it was the nicest I have ever received.
I am Mrs. Miniver, an ordinary middle aged woman, married, mother, housewife, living in a foreign country, and with a mind always in the mood of thinking. I am curious about people. Not about their lives, but the way they parade themselves to the world around. We can learn so much by watching people's demeanor, the way they express their emotions, the sort of dreams they nurture, the way they relate to others (or don't), their fears, hesitations, and specially their unspoken words and bottled feelings, when they try to disguise what hurt them and who they really want to be in full. There are so many nuances... It is a very fascinating thing! It is possible to learn so much about ourselves as well...
Witnessing one's life unfolding... 
While I was thinking about my son, I saw a movie in my mind of this entire life so far. The time I was pregnant of him and so proud of that! The feeling of having him moving inside my womb was so special. The day he was born, the strong bond between mother and child, the care, the sleepless nights, his first smile, first words, when he was about to learn to walk still twisting his little round legs... His discoveries, accomplishments, dreams, the building blocks of his personal journey of growing up... He has matured so much in ten long years! He is so beautiful inside... his sensitivity toward people surprises me and touches me so deeply! He has a very unique way to stare at life and embrace it. I learn so much from him, from who he is! I admire his tenacity to overcome the so many challenges he has to face every single day. When he goes to sleep, I love the way he holds me, as a koala bear hugging a tree. It is so great to a mother to feel she is taken as a safe harbor and source of love and acceptance by her children. It is a wonderful feeling! I am so lucky for being able to enjoy it every single night. I know I am!



It was late night, I went out for a walk. The streets were empty and the light of the street lamps started fading away little by little in front of my watery eyes. The granite pavement was shinning as it had been polished. The cold breeze felt so refreshing on my face. I looked backwards and saw nothing as the path I just walked on was already past. I was wrapped by the fumes of fog. It engulfed me entirely. I was now part of its mystery, my existence belonged to it. I was not afraid, but intrigued a great deal. Where that mist was taking me to? I succumbed by its will. I let myself go as I was a feather in a windy day. The fog was so mesmerizing...


I could breath the fog. As I did it, it became part of me. While I was trying to unreavel its mysteries, it was trying to get to know mine... I felt the fog familiar, not an intruder. This first impression made us both comfortable together. I soon noticed that the fog had its own mood, its own personality. It was serene, inviting, tender, understanding of my nuances too. The fog was past, present, and seemed also to be a bridge towards tomorrow. I loved all that peace and silence it gave me! It was generous and inquisitive. I was possessed by its soul.

State of Mind...

While wrapped by the fog, I felt as I had been kidnapped to another reality that changed my state of mind completely... Suddenly, I was an alien in my own world, the world that the fog left behind. I saw my soul out of me, lost in that so dense cloud. It was levitating and moving in all directions. I felt so light as all the worries, fears, and conflicts had vanished altogether. It was like to be born again and have the book of life in front of me with blank pages for me to start writing a new beginning. That gave me such a huge sense of freedom and an urgency to be me in full.




There are certain places
Which carry something magic in them
They have a life beyond one´s eyes can see
The trees talk
The rivers dance
The sky flirts with the grass
The trails make choices
The wind whispers
It is a great deal
Of breathing positive energy
Energy in its most pure form
Living becomes so intense in these places
It is wonderfully captivating
All beings
Have their own dynamic
Everybody is so busy doing something
People, animals, plants
Growing, learning, building, moving
Feeling, thinking, discovering
Welcoming, raising, leaving
Some places leave deep marks in us
For different reasons
Even when we go away, far from them
Something from us stay
Something from the place comes with us
Is a forever bond
I think it was meant to be this way
We should never take for granted anything, anyone
We should be grateful
For the experiences we have the privilege or the luck to get
Because when the last blow of life passes
All what last
Are the memories
Of each and every moment
We walked through...


Once the present lived in this place
Vibrant and busy
Today the past got its ownership
Dust permeates everything
I like this way
It still tells many stories
Every single thing is readable
The lady from the portrait
Has not lost her meaning
Her face moves
Her voice can be heard
Her gracious figure
Displays eternal beauty
This place captivates me
Its age takes me with it
For an exotic trip across time and History



How much we can learn from
What people say and how they look like
To the world outside themselves?
I feel it is just a little picture, a little understanding
Like a little star of a vast galaxy
These bodies are naked just on the surface
The meanings that come from them
Are framed
Are surrounded by boundaries
But inside is a totally different scenario
An endless field of voices
Colors we can't even imagine to be possible...
Behind the voiceless faces and acting bodies
Live the real substance
The whole translation of one's self
Ipsis litteris
People are much, much more than
Their skin can show
Their eyes can tell
Their vocal cords can resonate
That is why it is so fascinating
To try to guess them
Walk through their mazes
Solve their puzzles
Love them throughout the discoveries we make!


What future is waiting for us?
The reality today is so full of
Degrading things...
Social inequality
Fake promises
Disrespect in all levels of society
Lack of compassion
Environmental abuse
People's exploitation
Violence against children and women
Lack of basic education
Pandemic of corruption
Global warming
Poverty rate increasing in fast pace
Humanity is moving backwards
Regarding basic civility
We live in a world of unfeelingness
It is a very scary thing
When people become hard-hearted regarding
Their equal's dignity and emotional self
This is the edge to savagery
Total aniquilation of all forms of life
This is the end of hope and faith
Dryness, dust, and darkeness


It was a night full of silence
Immersed in serenity
The silver waterfalls told me
That they loved to jump in the arms of the vast ocean
The mountains loved to contemplate the valleys
And the valleys admired the mountains majestic presence
The grass could not live without
The intimate connection with the soil
That gave birth to its seeds
The sky
A constant observer of the metamorphosis of life
The supreme lord of heights
Solemn and self-confident
On its own irresistible beauty
Secrets of night
One by one revealed to me...



It rains heavily
The streets are empty
It is very late
The city is sleeping peacefully
As a baby in a cradle

The ground shines
As the clouds cry it a river
The rain drops make a dense wall of tears
As their sorrows 
Were about to announce the end of the world 

The fields of grass around the city
Were intensely green
The rain made free
An irresistible perfume germinating 
From the deep roots of an inebriated soil 

The night was so full of life
Even busier than the urgent speed of the days
The little animals of the late hours
Seemed happy with the rain
It was like a festive time to them
Flowers and trees
Were in their best mood
Breathing new energy
To parade their many beauties
The street lamp candles
Were dancing like contortionists
Their luminescence was blurred
By the intensity of the rain
But still willing to postpone the darkness
With stubborn restlessness
At night
Every single thing is mystery
Is fascination
Is an endless blooming of radiance
While the day rests
The night celebrates
The wonders of an eclipsed exuberance