Grandma used to enjoy staying sat in her cozy rocking chair placed strategically in front of a large window. This way she could hear the cold wind blowing, her favorite melody. She was proud of her garden crowded of daisies and lilies. She smiled when butterflies and bees came to talk to the flowers and taste some of their unique self-made licors. Tall and curly trees were grandma's first confidents. They witnessed her as a young lady furtively holding hands with her first love. Grandma was a beautiful woman her whole life. Even so old, she did not lose her charming gaze. She had a strong personality and was the most sensitive and loving person I have ever met. She was a gifted storyteller, nourishing hundreds of minds with delight and surprise with stories built from her own fertile imagination. Her sense of humor was singular and sweetly sharp.

Grandma was a wise person. She never underestimate anybody, any opinion, any expression of love or hate. In her astute believes, color, gender, race, faith were not synomymous of segregation but an amazingly wealth of possibilities, valuable lessons, and beauty ... a beauty named diversity.

Grandma was my first school, model, and hero. Her rocking chair still keeps her lavender. Sometimes, I feel as she did not leave. Perhaps I should ask the old trees some clue about her destiny. After all, they were her best friends ... and best friends never lie.


* I have never met my grandmas from any side, but I have wanted to have one all my life close to me. So, I made believe this one. This is the way I wanted my grandma was. She lives in my imagination.



Handsome he is
His eyes shine like stars
They are kind and deep
Filled with dreams

His skin is soft
Like silk
His smile wide
Like a rainbow

When he cries
It is like a torrential rain
When he is mad
It is like a thumderstorm

When he is happy
It is like a sunshine

My little boy
So strong nature




Some are black
Some white
Some are yellow
Others I cannot define
There are deserts
The Artic
Cold, heat
Bitter, sweet
We have to learn
To adapt a lot!
Some people live in cages
Some in palaces
Some in the streets
Others in jails with no fences
We have animals
Flowers, oceans
Thunderstorms, earthquakes to respect
The strongest power
Doesn's live in our minds
Or titles, doutrines
Weapons or political affiliations
There is someone above
Who has given this life
Its treasures, its challenges
Some are obsessed by perfection
Others cry victimized by rejection
In the mirror of life
There are all kinds of reflections
We want to belong, make connections
Some are born rich
Some poor
Some will live a smoothy life
Others a tough existence throughout
Some will never be free
Seen or loved
Some will hurt
Some will be hurt
Some will serve the Humankind
Some will be served by the Humankind
Some will live healthy
Some ovewhelmed by illness
Some will be cured
Others never
Some will live long
Some will be born death
Some will live under fear
Others in glory
Some will love deeply
Others will never feel wanted
Living is an emotional roller coaster
Some will lose themselves
Blinded by insanity
They will live other realities
Based on unrealities
Life is surprise
Miracle, frustration
Hope, faith, happiness
Sadness, fears
Courage, tears
Everything for years
Different languages
Philosophies, behaviors
Expressions, fashions
Transgressions, impressions
Life is everything but superficial
But human beings judge
Most of the time
Based on appearance
Some will have powerful minds
Others powerful hearts
Some will use power
For destruction
Some will beg for a living
Some will be bosses
Some will only live witnessing losses
Some will make grow miracles
Some will make us invisible
Before eyes full of indiference
Some will spread love
Some will never learn to forgive
Other to give
Some will scream out loud
Some will have their voices silenced
Some will sentence
Some will have to face penitence
Some will try to be young forever
Some will be born old
Some ages will never be told
Some will die of eating
Some will die of starvation
Some will live only the childhood
Some will want to die
Before their own times
Because they will be tired of living
This world is
So full of adversities
Above all diversities
What do they teach us???



Life ... constant conflict
Societal values
Religious doutrines
Hypocritical oppression
There is a whole world within
A world unseen
Like a secret garden
Where one settles
Her own rules and roles

Paralel universes
Sadness x Happiness
Sin x Virtuousness
Desire x Aversion
Prison x Freedom
Moralism x Oppeness
Emptiness x Wholeness
Coldness x Warmth
Guilt x Innocence
Shame x Pride
Seductive the secret garden is
It drives one's self
To this world of tenderness

Dreams breath
Freedom shines
True essence dances in a vast field
It is all about yielding to
Love and Beauty


All of a sudden
I got stuck in your eyes
My heart lost its compass
It is breathtaking
My face burns
Sweat hands
Dry mouth
Feelings upside down
Right now
You hold my whole being without knowing
There is a turmoil of emotions
Trying to translate the moment
It is huge
It is deep
A brand new feeling
I became this island
It is hard to find
A firm ground to be "safe"
Beyond my own self
This vulnerability is strange
These powerful eyes on me
Give me freedom
As I feel wanted and alive
They also make a captive
As I cannot run away from them
What a magic moment
What a remarkable sensation
I am yours...
Take me !




The golden desert
Has unexpected secrets

The sand moves
As belly dancers

The wind comes in waves
Ressonates out loud
Confusing the senses

During the nights
The sky becomes an ocean of stars
Shinning diamonds

The atmosphere
Tastes absinthe

It holds you
Like a serpent

This exhilarating place
Is timeless
It is vivid, intense, eternal

It makes you a slave
Without chains

Nobody goes away
Without leaving
A soul

The Garden of Isis
Has its pleasures
But also
Its price!




A man's nature
Is like a chamelion
Most of the time
It changes in accordance with
The occasion and convenience
It has many faces
All of them look real
But sometimes
They are not what seem
Their "fakeness"
Relys on the fact that
The real self
Disguises into the depth
Of the being
Not always
Come to the surface
The mystery is kept
The truth locked up
The masks keep taking turns



Hundreds of years ago, hidden in the most remote ruins of an ancient place, there was an object surrounded by a deep mystery - a black vase. It was not huge or made of the finnest material, but it had a story to tell.

The vase was dreamed up by the gifted hands of a man who had magical powers. At the time the vase was built, the man was in love with a woman who held the utmost beauty and wisdom. The vase was the symbol of that love. It was red and shinning.

The couple lived together under the oceans, between clouds, travelled through other dimentions. They knew the language of all living things and learned about their dreams, thoughts, and feelings. The man and the woman had their hearts fused as one. They shared a perfect combination ... pure harmony.

A day came when a strange wind brought purple clouds and devastation. The woman felt something heavy on her heart and vanished. She was never seen again. The man, tortured by sadness, took his own life. The vase witnessed everything, the years of love and last moments of agony.

Since then, it turned black. When discovered, hundreds of thousands of years latter, people found inside it a red rose still wet by the morning dew as it had been taken a minute before ... fresh, pretty, velvet, imaculate.

The vase had the power to keep everything new and pretty in spite of its darkness. It was made in the name of love and love was the only way to unveil its stories. The Humankind learned them. The world was saved from tragedies. The vase became a symbol of hope, understanding, peace, and wisdom.

It was meant to generate love endlessly and purify hearts lost in dispair.




In an ocean of selfishness and oppression
Needs and desires
Live suffocated
Day after day
The existence is hard to handle
Painful and empty
The unique perspective of living...
Somebody else's life and rules
In a subservient position

It is not life!
It is like dying...
Your body struggle to live
But the emotions do not breath
It is that flame
Forever extinguished
No heat, no light
An intimate world
Turned to dust
Lost and miserable
Devastated and dry
Sterile like the desert soil
A body with a voice silenced
It screams for help
But it reverberates back...
(Simone -after watching the movie "Fire")


A gaze
Translates all the words
All the languages
The lips the desire
The body the poetry
Of a ritual of endless expectations

This is the architecture of loving

The music of the heart
Ressonates in a restless tone
Emotions materialize naked
Without the fear of vulnerability
Haunting them

The encounter is a metamorphosis
Of revealing gestures
When everything is magical
Sublime, sweet, deep, gentle

The freedom of a being
In connection with
One's desire

The universe surrounding the moment
Melts in a cascade of revelations
The encounter does not allow distractions
It is full commitment with the surrender

The touch is awakening
The bridge that leads to the ultimate confession

It is when a dream blossoms
In a parade of nuances
Orchestrated by the unspoken
That has such a crystal clear message
Which is in a flash of an instant
Accepted, embodied, wanted
Syntony of a strong grasp

It is a living of tied paths
When the mystery of one
Reveals in the other's world within

This is the moment of truth
When both leave behind
Shields, walls, veils
Love is the supreme truth
Of one another's essence.

(Simone )


It was not a meeting like when people talk and talk for long hours and disappear from each one's sight and mind. On the contrary, it was basically a meeting of senses. That was a moment when all the trivial understanding was already known. Now another kind of communication was urgent to be mastered. Revealing gazes were enough to orchestrate the movements, gestures ... making vanish any trace of unwanted self-defense mechanisms. The beauty was unveiled as a cascade of nuances. It was like a magic touch. Words would be helpless to translate the outcomes.
Let the river keeps its journey... It knows to accomodate itself at each and every step of the way. This is the ultimate freedom. Let it go ... was the underlying motto. The deepest you only can be reach by surrendering. Two minds, souls, and hearts embraced as wholeness. Remarkable encounter... Two people forever changed.



Moon up high
Stars shinning all night
Wind blowing dry
Feelings of pride
Words of delight

What else to be right?





Add smiles
Subtract frustrations
Multiply love
Divide attention
Life is a complex equation
But wise calculations
Can make great combinations
What if we tried to find
A common denominator
Simplified the problems
Just lived
Savoring the dividends?



Those intimidating eyes were heavily on me
Making me questions
I could not answer
They were hunting
Something inside myself
Very eagerly
All of emotions
Were in an open battle
Trying to lock themselves up
To avoid such inquisitive pair of unexpected strangers

I felt nude
Nowhere to go
But accepting the undeniable

No way to fight
But surrendering ...




Be gifted
Have power
Be rich
Be smart
Win the race
Have a house
Have food
Be healthy
Have friends
Have a job
Get a degree
Have a car
Be loved

Be forgiven
Not be forgotten
Help others
Be famous
Be God
Be free
Be alive
Have a second chance
Be beautiful
Be young forever
Have kids
Be married
Be successful
Get a Nobel Prize
Be strong
Be protected
Have peace ...

Everybody has a dream
Dreams are diverse
As people have different values and ambitions
Everybody has a recipe fo a dream of a lifetime
A dream come true
Can bring the ultimate happiness
Or the ultimate misery
Not all dreams have
The expected outcome.

Some people think, if they had all money in the world, they would be completely happy. When they get their wishes but are lonely, everything seems useless and empty. Money cannot buy true friends, true love, or some others intangible kinds of happiness. Too much greed can lead to ruin of one's life, one's self. It can make us blind to the most important things which we, along life, have not learned to cultivate and are so essential, after all.




Empty house
Naked walls
Dry leaves on the floor
Locked doors
The sky is purple
Heavy clouds
Black birds fly
Back and forth
Dead trees
Fainted flowers
Faceless people...
It starts rainning
The storm is violent
Little by little
This forgotten place
Haunted by ghosts
The ground gets drank
The tiny roots get pregnant
The soil is fecund again
The rainbow anounces
A new generation of life



Roses to smell
Trees to climb
Insects to observe
Swings to fly

Laps to jump on
Hugs to give
Kittens to squeeze
Candies to taste
Friends to make
Hide and seek to engage

Bottle caps to collect
Rain to get wet
Books to travel in
Love to embrace

Time to live simple
Time to dream free
Time to build forever memories
Time to be me!




The battlefield
Opens wide
I fight against
An invisible enemy
Part of me
Is heavily armored
The other one
Stands nude
I try to be brave
I try to be strong
It is a fierce conflict
I try to heal
Open wounds
Which erode
My soul ...



What a singular man!

Six feet and some inches tall
Unforgettable glance
Smile between cynical, sarcastic
Scary and strangely sad
Huge hands
Amazing presence
Overwhelming being

His life was an unbelievable contrast
Family man on one side
Mafia hitman on the other
Two very distinct natures

Stanley was his father
An absolutely ruthless man
Terrorized Mr. Kuklinski
Throughout his childhood
Stanley left as a heritage to his soon
His evil's seed

Mr. Kuklinski grew up
Banalazing life and death when he realized that
"Giving was better than receiving"

He became almost completely insensitive
To other people's suffering
Almost because
If it was about his children
He would be completely simpathetic

He was a mass and cold blooded murderer
He was the most loving parent
How two so distinct personalities
Could live in the same mind?
He had something called
Dissociative disorder

He was a gifted storyteller
He would face you straighthforward
Put those impressive eyes on you
Describe the whole story
With such a wealth of details
Turn of phrases and emotions
One would be completely mesmerized
And terrified each and every instant

He was not born to be a murderer
The way his parents raised him
Distorted his personality

In spite of his horrific crimes
He grew up dreaming about raising
His own family his fashion
He was very kind, present, and protective father to his children
A kind of father he so desperately dreamed about having

He loved deeply his own children
But the male race he did hate
Nor had any hesitation to kill
Every man who crossed his path
He did not show any remorse whatsoever
I would want to have saved him
When he was a little innocent boy
So severely abused by his parents
How damaging emotionaly it was for him!
He was a completely innocent victim
That turned into a perpetrator latter in life

I would like to have saved him
Preventing him to destroy his and so many other lives
Love could have saved that little boy, perhaps

What strikes me the most
Was that particular sadness
Behind his unforgettable eyes
Some call them cold
I call them empty, lonely, lost
All of what his life and fate were after all

I hope God forgave him for his faults
Gave peace to his soul
So tormented soul...




Journey of discoveries
Moment of truth
Life to unmask
Time to do the best
It brings old pains

It is to look back
Live in reverse
Try to find a balance
Of one's inner universe

Its is guide
A chance to live right

Talking about feelings
Is not any easy
When we feel uneasy

The therapist
Must be sensitive
To deal with thoughts
And hearts in turmoil
Not judging any trace of pain
With desdain

Therapy brings the keys
To unlock doors
Hard to open
To the outdoors

It unveils details
Not always easy to face
Or embrace

It makes us uncomfortable
In a positive way
Helping us to face our nonsense
No offense!

Human nature is complex
Sometimes unbelievable

What we do not tell
Rings inside like a bell
Creating tortuous voices
Challenging to be translated
Strange nature
Has a lot to mature

It is a safe harbour
To anchor our selves
Interrogation points
Deep mysteries

Therapy is about empathy

It empowers one's self
Lost in hell
Strangle in words
Difficult to spell

In between
Moments of agony
One finally finds
Thoughts in synchrony
Heart in harmony
After a long journey

Throughout life memory ...





The ship will leave at 5:45pm. The wind is strong and heavy clouds coming in groups. The ocean seems restless. Everyone in the ship is busy unpacking their things inside the tiny cabins, except me. I can feel in the air... something terribly wrong is about to happen! The crew is very confident we will have a wonderful journey from New York to London. I do not understand anything about navigation, but I can rely on my intuition. It has never failed.

Like the purple clouds, the air is very heavy. I suddenly feel sick. It is like a fever. Maybe it is the motion sickness. I am not happy in this place at all. I feel better on the ground. The ocean is beautiful, magestic, but not safe or reliable. It has too much power and I feel vulnerable. I do not like to be like floating. It brings anguish and anxiety.

This ship seems immersed in so much mystery ... The ship, the ocean .. the atmosphere ... all wraped in some sort of darkness ... unexplicable darkness. I am starting having allucinations. This journey is taking me to the unknown. I do fear for my life and sanity.



He was a man of strong convictions, very altruistic, did believe would be able to save every soul overwhelmed by tragedies. His face used to shine like a thousand brand-new stars. He was handsome and humble. His heart had a place to everybody lives comfortably within. Sharp intelligence ... known as "the visionary". Had a word of wisdom to the ones who had lost their minds, a light of hope to the sick, and strong arms to comfort the unwanted. From where the old man came to where he went, nobody knew for sure. But because he touched so many lives, he kept living everywhere to eternity. His lessons inspired generations of people. He was warmth in the winter, salvation in dispair, miracle in darkness ... His spirit, mind, and heart were truly heaven on earth. What a man!



You knew since the very early
To translate the feminine
With all its complexities
Sensitivity and depth

You unveiled the secrets
A female's mind
Body and soul can hide
Even for the most
Inquisitive gazes and mind readers

You touched the ground
Where emotions flourish
Dreams spread and multiply
Like feathers in the wind

You knew how to love
Reverence a woman
In the higgest level
You understood her
Her world

Translated it
In a nude fashion
Courageously and sweetly

Remarkable gift... yours!



Love is a mystery
Can be male or female
Light or darkness
Strength or sickness

Not always black and white
It is not always obvious
But complex
Some times incoherent
Love can break all the rules

Or get strangled between them
Can be freedom or cage
Give wings or chains

Change and challenge
Utmost exploration or exploitation

Love can give or take
Be strong or fake
Fairy tale or nightmare
Loneliness or continent

Love has a thousand faces
Love is the ultimate experience
Can be the dream of a lifetime
Salvation and destination

Love can be frightening for hearts
Afraid of vulnerability

Love demands intensity
It brings risks
But life is all about risks anyway

Love and Life
Have a lot in common
Both are essential

Without them

We are nothing!



The backyard is my secret garden
The flowers are full of grace
They are sweet
Bees and butterflies
Come to have fun
And savor some pieces of plum
I enjoy especially to observe the ants
It is amazing how organized they are
So interesting!

Their world is made of
Dust and mold
Very dedicated
To their queen
The biggest ant
I have ever seen
A garden is a landscape
In constant metamorphosis
Trees, flowers, grass
Grow up fast
Willing to parade their best
Without even taking a rest
Colors, shapes, smells
All part of its paradise
Some beings like disguises
Others to make surprises
This place is so vivid
My little sanctuary
Where every day
There is a party.



You live in the house of my thoughts
Your memory is crystal clear
Like a mirror through which
I can see you moving vividly
Your luminous eyes still mesmerize me
Your smile melts me entirely
Your presence is almost touchable
It is incredible
How a human imagination
Can recreate a moment
A person, a feeling
Even a smell and taste
Your memory inside me
Is like a feast to my eyes
This is the only way I can reach you
And dream of us together...
In my dreams
You love me
Accept me
Embrace this journey
Throughout the senses
Without hesitation
Our souls become an unit
Our hearts a shelter
Our feelings the air we breath
We live without disguises
We live our truth
Our diversity
And destiny!




Oasis never found
Hard life
Destiny reflects
On the sharp knife
Endless journey
Nomadic philosophy



Impulsive natures
Free spirits
Loved men and women
Dreamers, ambitious
Passion for life and living
They created their possibilites
Not waited for them

Women ahead their times
Defiants, strong personalities
Driven by passions and convictions
Frida fought for her life
Vita fought for her passions

Both broke rules, conventions
Frida self-expression: painting
Vita self- expression: writing

Their art were their wings
They touched hearts
Impressed minds
Empowered men and women
Cut edges and undermined paradigmas.




Rain forest
Remarkable landscape
Patchwork of trees, plants, textures, colors
Diversity of creatures

Wet soil
Fertilized roots
Bringing to life
Brand-new spots

Symphony of eclectic sounds
Nest for beginnings and endings
Every day a miracle is celebrated
Every night the moon light
Is ignited.


"WHAT IF..."


What if
The dark prognosis
The doctor gave
Was a mistake?
What if
The death row prisoner
Was innocent?
What if
Could choose a dream to come true
By the Aladdin's lamp?
What if
Hitler had won the World War II?
What if
The aliens
Got control over our planet?
What if
Death was not a reality
What if
We had found the antidote
To keep young forever?
What if
Everybody had a decent life?
What if
What if we could be anyone
We wanted?
What if
We had each one
Our own copy?

What if
We had lost our capacity
To feel emotions?
What if
We kept stuck
In a world of hypothesis
Waiting for them to become real
And stopped living?
But... also...
What if
We stopped making questions
Trying to figure out
How different our world could feel and be?
What if
We started living in mental paralysis?




Mirror of the truth
Translates my life
In each thin line
Of my body...

I am changed!
I travelled through
So many valleys
Distressing journeys
Challenged my limits
I witnessed life
Without disguises
I made my mistakes
Felt pain
Did love
My body is a living portrait
Of my past
My triumph over vicissitudes
My shelter in despair
My temple of rebellion
My salvation!


Emotions and thoughts ... our identities as individuals ... protagonists of a plot we are supposed to perform in the stage of life made of all kinds of scenarios ... comedy, suspense, horror, fantasy, adventure, dramas, and melodramas ....