Some are black
Some white
Some are yellow
Others I cannot define
There are deserts
The Artic
Cold, heat
Bitter, sweet
We have to learn
To adapt a lot!
Some people live in cages
Some in palaces
Some in the streets
Others in jails with no fences
We have animals
Flowers, oceans
Thunderstorms, earthquakes to respect
The strongest power
Doesn's live in our minds
Or titles, doutrines
Weapons or political affiliations
There is someone above
Who has given this life
Its treasures, its challenges
Some are obsessed by perfection
Others cry victimized by rejection
In the mirror of life
There are all kinds of reflections
We want to belong, make connections
Some are born rich
Some poor
Some will live a smoothy life
Others a tough existence throughout
Some will never be free
Seen or loved
Some will hurt
Some will be hurt
Some will serve the Humankind
Some will be served by the Humankind
Some will live healthy
Some ovewhelmed by illness
Some will be cured
Others never
Some will live long
Some will be born death
Some will live under fear
Others in glory
Some will love deeply
Others will never feel wanted
Living is an emotional roller coaster
Some will lose themselves
Blinded by insanity
They will live other realities
Based on unrealities
Life is surprise
Miracle, frustration
Hope, faith, happiness
Sadness, fears
Courage, tears
Everything for years
Different languages
Philosophies, behaviors
Expressions, fashions
Transgressions, impressions
Life is everything but superficial
But human beings judge
Most of the time
Based on appearance
Some will have powerful minds
Others powerful hearts
Some will use power
For destruction
Some will beg for a living
Some will be bosses
Some will only live witnessing losses
Some will make grow miracles
Some will make us invisible
Before eyes full of indiference
Some will spread love
Some will never learn to forgive
Other to give
Some will scream out loud
Some will have their voices silenced
Some will sentence
Some will have to face penitence
Some will try to be young forever
Some will be born old
Some ages will never be told
Some will die of eating
Some will die of starvation
Some will live only the childhood
Some will want to die
Before their own times
Because they will be tired of living
This world is
So full of adversities
Above all diversities
What do they teach us???

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Reflection said...


You have portrayed a very complete list of diversity around us. Which brings so many questions in mind, but no one to answer them.

I hope one day humanity can be like a SUN...

Sun shines on all, bringing its energy, and warmth to each and every one, without any bias, prejudice, and discrimination...