Be gifted
Have power
Be rich
Be smart
Win the race
Have a house
Have food
Be healthy
Have friends
Have a job
Get a degree
Have a car
Be loved

Be forgiven
Not be forgotten
Help others
Be famous
Be God
Be free
Be alive
Have a second chance
Be beautiful
Be young forever
Have kids
Be married
Be successful
Get a Nobel Prize
Be strong
Be protected
Have peace ...

Everybody has a dream
Dreams are diverse
As people have different values and ambitions
Everybody has a recipe fo a dream of a lifetime
A dream come true
Can bring the ultimate happiness
Or the ultimate misery
Not all dreams have
The expected outcome.

Some people think, if they had all money in the world, they would be completely happy. When they get their wishes but are lonely, everything seems useless and empty. Money cannot buy true friends, true love, or some others intangible kinds of happiness. Too much greed can lead to ruin of one's life, one's self. It can make us blind to the most important things which we, along life, have not learned to cultivate and are so essential, after all.



Reflection said...

I have 2 questions..

"be God" what does that means?

what is ur dream?


Simone said...

What "be God" means? Means the desire of being the most powerful. In the positive way, to be able to save the world of tragedies, like diseases, wars, natural disasters, heal all kinds of things. In the negative way, to be superior to everybody else, be able to control/influence all, play with people's feelings, mind, soul, etc, making them slaves for the eternity, slaves to serve only one.

What is my dream? Is to have a voice that comes to me and say that all my dreams one day will come true. Have this guarantee. I have big dream ... but too unrealistically idealistic, like to make disappear from a human's nature all kinds of negative elements/inclinations that could be harmful to another being in all kinds of different ways. Pretty unrealistically idealistic! :P

Reflection said...

Then you are dreaming of Heaven Simone...
that does exist...Your dream will come true one day...i promise you.