In an ocean of selfishness and oppression
Needs and desires
Live suffocated
Day after day
The existence is hard to handle
Painful and empty
The unique perspective of living...
Somebody else's life and rules
In a subservient position

It is not life!
It is like dying...
Your body struggle to live
But the emotions do not breath
It is that flame
Forever extinguished
No heat, no light
An intimate world
Turned to dust
Lost and miserable
Devastated and dry
Sterile like the desert soil
A body with a voice silenced
It screams for help
But it reverberates back...
(Simone -after watching the movie "Fire")


Reflection said...

barren heart...
no emotions to rain and fertilize the soil...
woman inside, with tape on mouth and hands tied behind.


Simone said...

Absolutely true! So, so many women worldwide live like this ... as if their own selves unexist. So sad!