Empty house
Naked walls
Dry leaves on the floor
Locked doors
The sky is purple
Heavy clouds
Black birds fly
Back and forth
Dead trees
Fainted flowers
Faceless people...
It starts rainning
The storm is violent
Little by little
This forgotten place
Haunted by ghosts
The ground gets drank
The tiny roots get pregnant
The soil is fecund again
The rainbow anounces
A new generation of life


Reflection said...

This is what happens when some one very special walks into heart, the dead roots get pregnant and then, there is a birth of LOVE...the whole environment changes inside...


Simone said...

It is true ... this is the feeling of having something to re-birth inside, as love has this power of make like an "emotional detoxication" of soul and heart. It is so uplifting that makes us feel brand-new inside in motivation, happiness, eagerness to live in full, etc.