A man's nature
Is like a chamelion
Most of the time
It changes in accordance with
The occasion and convenience
It has many faces
All of them look real
But sometimes
They are not what seem
Their "fakeness"
Relys on the fact that
The real self
Disguises into the depth
Of the being
Not always
Come to the surface
The mystery is kept
The truth locked up
The masks keep taking turns


Reflection said...

If its a human nature, then it means every one is wearing a mask.!

tell me,
does any one ever take his/her mask off?
is it in our control to take the mask off?
or is it some thing that might just happen on its own at times?
what determine if the mask will be off or on?
on average how many mask do we have with us that we alternate according to "The occasion and convenience" ?

i know these are bit dry questions, but they do indeed come to mind after reading that post of urs..


Simone said...

:) I have this piece of writing for a long time with me. That was a very personal perception. Right or wrong, I do not know. I knew that by publishing it in a public space "dry questions" could come. I knew it could be very "provoking" when people would read it. It is! It was meant to be this way. It was a time of reflection for me too. I do not mind the "dry questions". Words are like these: bring reactions to the surface. It IS good bcz keep us questioning what lives inside our selves and what lives in the world around us.. shake us .. remove the dust ...

All these questions you made have very personal answers. It depends on the impact this post has had on your own nature and values. When I wrote it, I did try to answer these things too, bcz they were "bothering" me. There is not right or wrong, but judgement, if the person who reads it believes or not in those words, shares the same perception or thinks it is an absurd. This is something that touchs us in all kinds of ways.

In my OWN very perception, I think all of us along our lives conscious or not of it, wanting or not, have to use masks to adjust to this world, this society. It is not always true that we can say everything we want, be whoever we want, do whatever we feel like. We have some choices but do not have others, bcz they do not depend on us. Not necessarily these masks must be seem in a negative way. Sometimes we need them. It is not necessarily bonded to lack of truth, but sometimes self-defense, others prevent one to be hurt, others a way to cope to a situation.

Free will is really possible in all kinds of situations? The truth is that it is not possible. Sometimes we do not even notice, other times to use a mask is a conscious choice: "Let me make believe I do not feel it to not create a fight or break a heart". To use masks have a price, of course. It can be bonded to hypocrisy too, and so many other things. But the judgement about this is very personal. Masks can be disguises, can be a diversity of emotions, can be shield, can be shyness, etc, etc.

Have you felt in your life the need of using a mask or masks considering my own definition of what they can be?

If you have an answer to this question above inside you (without the need of writing here or tell anyone), you can answer all the questions you made to me. They are dry to ask not only to others but above all to ourselves. It is not that easy! I did not find easy! It bothers me too.

Who we are from one side ... who we have to be from the other .... why it must be this way? If we cannot be to the fullest our essence bcz of the circunstances, people's judgements, etc, what we are doing? Sometimes make believe ... make believe is a mask, bcz it is not our "original version" that is or can be in charge.

Thank you for your questions. Never stop asking. The "dry ones" are the ones that make us to think, to change behavior, to see beyond the surface of things. :)

Reflection said...

Dear Simone,

The questions i asked, were extension of your post, some more stuff to think about, they by no means were directed towards you.

You are right, we all have mask on some times, if not all the times, this is required to fit into society's norms. No one is perfect, but society want perfect ppl, so we try to be as perfect as we can...and we do that for acceptance. Its all about acceptance.

No one want to be left alone, most of us are afraid of loneliness, and will do what ever it takes to be with others, to be part of the large group.

It requires a lot of courage to show the real self, and be what we really are. I think we all know little bit at least, what we are in real from inside, and we also know what we pose to be from outside...

I can write a whole post on what i m from inside and what i show from outside..and i know enough about Human nature, to say that with confidence, that most of us and may be all of us are like that, i m not the only one.

It was a pleasure to be part of this post's comments...i think others will read it and will agree with us.