The battlefield
Opens wide
I fight against
An invisible enemy
Part of me
Is heavily armored
The other one
Stands nude
I try to be brave
I try to be strong
It is a fierce conflict
I try to heal
Open wounds
Which erode
My soul ...



Reflection said...

hmmm Invisible enemy..don't we all have one..aren't we all on constant battle..some are aware, some are not even aware..some times we feel so weak, and sense no strength to fight on, and then comes the despair the darkness...the loneliness ..


Simone said...

Yes, it seems really that there is always something in conflict inside us ... some are big, some are small, but brings discomfort anyway, in different levels, but still conflict. Maybe because not necessarily what we live inside and feel and want inside match with what we have to live, feel, and accept outside. These contrasts bring to much uneaseness. The friction between who we really are and the one we usually must be in society.