A gaze
Translates all the words
All the languages
The lips the desire
The body the poetry
Of a ritual of endless expectations

This is the architecture of loving

The music of the heart
Ressonates in a restless tone
Emotions materialize naked
Without the fear of vulnerability
Haunting them

The encounter is a metamorphosis
Of revealing gestures
When everything is magical
Sublime, sweet, deep, gentle

The freedom of a being
In connection with
One's desire

The universe surrounding the moment
Melts in a cascade of revelations
The encounter does not allow distractions
It is full commitment with the surrender

The touch is awakening
The bridge that leads to the ultimate confession

It is when a dream blossoms
In a parade of nuances
Orchestrated by the unspoken
That has such a crystal clear message
Which is in a flash of an instant
Accepted, embodied, wanted
Syntony of a strong grasp

It is a living of tied paths
When the mystery of one
Reveals in the other's world within

This is the moment of truth
When both leave behind
Shields, walls, veils
Love is the supreme truth
Of one another's essence.

(Simone )

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Reflection said...

beautiful,touching and very sensually painted picture with words...which speaks thru meaning directly to heart.