You live in the house of my thoughts
Your memory is crystal clear
Like a mirror through which
I can see you moving vividly
Your luminous eyes still mesmerize me
Your smile melts me entirely
Your presence is almost touchable
It is incredible
How a human imagination
Can recreate a moment
A person, a feeling
Even a smell and taste
Your memory inside me
Is like a feast to my eyes
This is the only way I can reach you
And dream of us together...
In my dreams
You love me
Accept me
Embrace this journey
Throughout the senses
Without hesitation
Our souls become an unit
Our hearts a shelter
Our feelings the air we breath
We live without disguises
We live our truth
Our diversity
And destiny!



Reflection said...

That is beautiful Simone...it shows how real ur inner world is..i could almost see every thing myself, it was like, i entered into a mirror and came out from the other side into ur inner world...and all that u feel, and want to live, can only be possible at soul level...we as human beings, even though are trapped in these bodies, but still our feelings have there own world where they live, breath, dream, and multiply..that's where the magic happen, that's where the dreams come true..

Some times i close my eyes, and try to reach that place, i can tell, that its a wonderful place, where the existence exist in every thing, its full of life, joy, the colors are felt and have individual distinct feeling, each and every one of them..where the sound has a body, and it dance as music...

Simone said...

How far way you can go in your perception of this so subjective world ... I feel as you can really feel the other side, as the way you describe what you see has such a wealthy of details that only a very very sensitive soul could translate. The world you see seems to have so much harmony and extraordinary freedom. Are you really from here, from this dimention?? Humm?? :)