What a singular man!

Six feet and some inches tall
Unforgettable glance
Smile between cynical, sarcastic
Scary and strangely sad
Huge hands
Amazing presence
Overwhelming being

His life was an unbelievable contrast
Family man on one side
Mafia hitman on the other
Two very distinct natures

Stanley was his father
An absolutely ruthless man
Terrorized Mr. Kuklinski
Throughout his childhood
Stanley left as a heritage to his soon
His evil's seed

Mr. Kuklinski grew up
Banalazing life and death when he realized that
"Giving was better than receiving"

He became almost completely insensitive
To other people's suffering
Almost because
If it was about his children
He would be completely simpathetic

He was a mass and cold blooded murderer
He was the most loving parent
How two so distinct personalities
Could live in the same mind?
He had something called
Dissociative disorder

He was a gifted storyteller
He would face you straighthforward
Put those impressive eyes on you
Describe the whole story
With such a wealth of details
Turn of phrases and emotions
One would be completely mesmerized
And terrified each and every instant

He was not born to be a murderer
The way his parents raised him
Distorted his personality

In spite of his horrific crimes
He grew up dreaming about raising
His own family his fashion
He was very kind, present, and protective father to his children
A kind of father he so desperately dreamed about having

He loved deeply his own children
But the male race he did hate
Nor had any hesitation to kill
Every man who crossed his path
He did not show any remorse whatsoever
I would want to have saved him
When he was a little innocent boy
So severely abused by his parents
How damaging emotionaly it was for him!
He was a completely innocent victim
That turned into a perpetrator latter in life

I would like to have saved him
Preventing him to destroy his and so many other lives
Love could have saved that little boy, perhaps

What strikes me the most
Was that particular sadness
Behind his unforgettable eyes
Some call them cold
I call them empty, lonely, lost
All of what his life and fate were after all

I hope God forgave him for his faults
Gave peace to his soul
So tormented soul...


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