The backyard is my secret garden
The flowers are full of grace
They are sweet
Bees and butterflies
Come to have fun
And savor some pieces of plum
I enjoy especially to observe the ants
It is amazing how organized they are
So interesting!

Their world is made of
Dust and mold
Very dedicated
To their queen
The biggest ant
I have ever seen
A garden is a landscape
In constant metamorphosis
Trees, flowers, grass
Grow up fast
Willing to parade their best
Without even taking a rest
Colors, shapes, smells
All part of its paradise
Some beings like disguises
Others to make surprises
This place is so vivid
My little sanctuary
Where every day
There is a party.


Reflection said...

It seems as if your secret Garden has a life of its own, it can exist as whole, or in pieces individually breathing full of life..

If we sit quietly and ponder on your secret garden, we can see how every thing is comparable metaphorically to our life on earth...

Simone said...

Absolutely ... that "mini" world has so much in common with our own human society, but the fact that perhaps can be more harmonious and fair as each little being is seem as a very important part in the engine that gives motion to that little world. In our human society, many times we see so many forgotten, living in the edge of the society as they were nothing more than a burden, a death weight. In this aspect in Nature things are relatively more even between beings and make a lot of difference lack of prejudice.