The ship will leave at 5:45pm. The wind is strong and heavy clouds coming in groups. The ocean seems restless. Everyone in the ship is busy unpacking their things inside the tiny cabins, except me. I can feel in the air... something terribly wrong is about to happen! The crew is very confident we will have a wonderful journey from New York to London. I do not understand anything about navigation, but I can rely on my intuition. It has never failed.

Like the purple clouds, the air is very heavy. I suddenly feel sick. It is like a fever. Maybe it is the motion sickness. I am not happy in this place at all. I feel better on the ground. The ocean is beautiful, magestic, but not safe or reliable. It has too much power and I feel vulnerable. I do not like to be like floating. It brings anguish and anxiety.

This ship seems immersed in so much mystery ... The ship, the ocean .. the atmosphere ... all wraped in some sort of darkness ... unexplicable darkness. I am starting having allucinations. This journey is taking me to the unknown. I do fear for my life and sanity.



Reflection said...

Fear of Unknown, Fear to Let go, Fear of losing control, Fear of being engulfed by unknown force, Fear of never being the same, Fear of trying some thing new, Fear of breaking down and scattering into many pieces, Fear of losing mind, Fear of taking the mask off. just few Fears coming to mind.


Simone said...

Fear ... such a paralyzing feeling ... make this living so difficult. This is an endless battle .. to deal with our fears, as they challenge us so much, test our limits/tolerance.