Love is a mystery
Can be male or female
Light or darkness
Strength or sickness

Not always black and white
It is not always obvious
But complex
Some times incoherent
Love can break all the rules

Or get strangled between them
Can be freedom or cage
Give wings or chains

Change and challenge
Utmost exploration or exploitation

Love can give or take
Be strong or fake
Fairy tale or nightmare
Loneliness or continent

Love has a thousand faces
Love is the ultimate experience
Can be the dream of a lifetime
Salvation and destination

Love can be frightening for hearts
Afraid of vulnerability

Love demands intensity
It brings risks
But life is all about risks anyway

Love and Life
Have a lot in common
Both are essential

Without them

We are nothing!



Reflection said...

Love is Life?


Life is Love?

Love is the greatest mystery of Life..
Life without love is half death
Life with love is Heaven on earth..

beautifully written Simone...:))


Simone said...

"Love is Life? " "Life is love?"

Love can be life
Life can be love

Love can bring a new life
Life can be made of love