"WHAT IF..."


What if
The dark prognosis
The doctor gave
Was a mistake?
What if
The death row prisoner
Was innocent?
What if
Could choose a dream to come true
By the Aladdin's lamp?
What if
Hitler had won the World War II?
What if
The aliens
Got control over our planet?
What if
Death was not a reality
What if
We had found the antidote
To keep young forever?
What if
Everybody had a decent life?
What if
What if we could be anyone
We wanted?
What if
We had each one
Our own copy?

What if
We had lost our capacity
To feel emotions?
What if
We kept stuck
In a world of hypothesis
Waiting for them to become real
And stopped living?
But... also...
What if
We stopped making questions
Trying to figure out
How different our world could feel and be?
What if
We started living in mental paralysis?



Reflection said...

very interesting "what if" questions..some of them are scary to even think of..

what if there was no death...?? do u think one would want to live forever on this planet?? not me. i m glade death exist, its a door way to the other side...

Simone said...

I think Asma, one would want to live in this planet forever if things were fair and people were more compassionate ... The way it is today, I do not think anybody will want to live here forever ... Yes, lets hope the other side be this world where everything is fair and everybody compassionate as it says that in the next life we will live to the eternity.