The most heinous crime
Its brutality is unthinkable
Human beings
In concentration camps

Fences all around

But most of all behind invisible bars

Living and dying
Under the highest level of inhumanity...

Sensory deprivation
Mass murderes
Medical experiments
Beings target of sadistic minds
Heartless individuals

Death machine
Banalization of life and values
Perpetrators dreaming paranoid allucinatios

They breath the pleasure of terrifying others
They cheer their atrocities
Proud of their horrendous accomplishments
Celebrate their coldness

They are fathers
Torturing men
Raping women
Sentencing brothers to slavery
Mutilating sisters
Killing babies

Supplied with power and weapons
They have license to kill
They feel as gods
The ones who will determine
Who will live
Who will die

The industry of death gets promissing
Gas chambers
Biological weapons
Forced labor

Generations and generations of people vanish
In a matter of minutes
Their last trip is toward the buildings
Where black smoke comes out of chimneys
Endless lives pulverizing the gray skies
The black smoke never stops burning
Like a volcano in constant eruption
Human leftovers...

Wars bring to the surface
The deepest human's darkness
Humans become monsters
Willing to annihilate
Evoquing nightmares
Impossible to wake up from devastation beyond repair

Physical and emotional wounds
Griveous memories
The trauma of being brutalized
Bodies, souls, hearts, minds forever changed
Witness of tragedies
Visions which wil never vanish
Fears that will never heal
No more hopes
No more trust
No more wishful thoughts
No purpose
Life becomes nothing more than a painful journey toward nowhere
Experiencing genocide
Can be like to have a nuclear bomb detonated within
The aftermath is the most absolute devastation
Nothing is left behind
To keep breathing
To keep believing
To keep dreaming of

Its arquitect borns in minds
Filled with hate
Frozen hearts
Blind thirst for power
Impunity gives it encouragement

To stop genocide all of us must look inside our hearts
To see what kinds of things we are cultivating in the daily basis
The quality of our relationships with the ones around us
What kinds of values we have been nourishing?
What are we doing, giving, taking, and getting?
All of that devastation starts growing in this microworld we have within
What are we looking for for us and for the next generations?

Love or hate?
Sanity or insanity?
Knowledge or ignorance?
Simpathy or indiference?
Light or darkness?

How much the life of someone who lives beside us does worth for us?
How much we care?
How much love we are willing to spread?
What kind of individual we are cultivating within?


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Reflection said...

Genocide is always horrible, terrible, a night mare in true sense...

some times i think what if i am at a place where genocide is going on, and i am the victim, this thought alone is enough to put fear in heart, as genocide is not just death, its a very painful death by the hands of animalistic human beings.