You came out of blue
Put your eyes on me
Took my heart
Messed up with my mind
Changed my life...
You got my love right away
You got my soul in a day
You drove my imagination far away...
Your mesmerized my emotions
You were feast to my senses....
My being shaked
When you were around
Captivating it
Wrapping it with your gift for seduction
Your power over me had no precedents...
You knew my vulnerabilities
You knew my possibilities

I became your constant companion
You my fascination...
All of a sudden

You rejected me
Like an useless thing
Left my life
Without thinking
Abandonmed my heart bleeding
What kind of love was that?
Our story started unbelievably
Ended unexpectedly
Love emerged fast
But due to your fears
I got lost in tears
It was not meant to last
Was everything a test?
I gave you my best!
You did touch me so...
Now you asked me to go
I can forgive you
But not forget you
You were the one who
Got my heart
You were the one who
Torn it apart

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Reflection said...

Every chapter of one's life is meaning full , no matter how strange.

when we move forward from that chapter, we are not like before.

its a constant metamorphosis, some times pleasant some times unpleasant..but each chapter is as important as the other.