The tree rests on top of the hill
Solemn and mesmerizing
Dignified in its humbleness
All the living beings surrounding it
Reverence its splendor

Its lightning-like branches
Open wide proud and generous

The leaves inviting shadow
Shield the grass
Like a blanket

Its stem is strong and nurturing
As an artery pumping blood
Throughout its colateral vessels

Its roots are deeply anchored to the ground
Holding it so eagerly
As it was its last salvation

Its hard work
Means a promissing and lasting existence
The tree relies on its roots
To keep parading its beauty and blessings

The tree of wisdom
Understands all kinds of languages
The wind whispering in symphony
The birds singing in harmony
Man’s dreaming
Life meaning

It knows the power of a storm
It resists bravely to the toughness
Of life vicissitudes
Its inner strength is unshakable

Is a friend that talks in the silence
Of its voice
It stays strong and still
There is no loneliness
In its presence

Knows about time
And keeps the secrecy of its events

Is shelter in dispair
Solace in a nightmare
As a warrior
Does not know fear
Its compassion
Has no boundaries
Its gifts are countless…


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