The pain comes from her
It has deep roots in a place to a woman
Was neglected the right of being
The walls, the cages ...
Her only possible destinations
Her prisons!
They are disguised by a feeling
Of constant agony

Behind those gelid bars
Borns, lives, and dies
Pain, emptiness, loneliness
Mixed emotions...
An endless dispair
Of a bird with wings not allowed
To touch the skies
Feel the breeze of the wind
The sunshine
Its warmth...

This life has no color
No movement
No taste
No passion
It is raw
It is rough
It hurts under the skin
The pain penetrates the soul
It bleeds in tears
There is no mercy

Behind the walls
A woman's intimate world
Borns, lives, and dies
In desires and hopes
Has a loud voice
Has a brilliant mind
Has romantic ideals
Looks for a light
In the end of a tunnel
In the eyes of strangers...

This woman has a soul of a poet
She still believe in love
And its power
In the fairy-tales
Love conquers everything
It is always a possibility
It always triumph in the end
She lives immersed in her idealistic dreams

She tries to breath
Deep and peacefully
But her heart is restless
It feels the pain of her miserable

The outside world
Exists apart from hers
There is life
But it does not live
There is a heartbeat
But it does not pulse
There is a voice
But it does not have a sound
There are desires
But no space for their expression
There are hopes
But no open doors for them...

The woman now suffocates
Between the bars...
There is a cry and a scream
The world outside
Seems to ignore her pain
People around are deaf
To her voice
People around are blind
To her face
People are frozen in time
To understand her reasons
To cry and scream
People are cold
No soul survived
After so much pain
So much sorrow
So many chains
So many guns
And heavy words
And hardened hearts

The woman exists as a sphinx
Undecipherable to others...
As a statue forgotten
In an empty garden
Devastated by a storm...

In the outside world
She is not but a ghost of a being
Paralyzed in her agony
Her world is her cloister
It is called
For the suffering there is no translation

To heal her open wound
There is only a cure....

For her deepest pain
The only possible relief...
To be loved back

Maybe somewhere
There is happiness!
She does need to know

Behind the bars
She cannot live for so long...
Her strength to fight
Is vanishing
Little by little

She needs desperately
To reach a world
Ready to smile
And see
And hear
Toward her
Through her

She is struggling
For a chance
For a change
It is so urgent!
It is vital!

It is the difference between
Life and death



Reflection said...

Simone its a very touching piece, it takes the reader to those places unseen within, where pain lives.

written beautifully, with deep emotions..it clearly convey the suffering of that woman ...I as a reader am feeling her pain..

Simone...its a kind of pain which is so intense, such a torturing, burning agony..!! what can bring such a pain ??

Is it when we are not allowed to speak up whats in our mind and heart?

Is it when we are not allowed to express our creative self?

Is it when we are not allowed to live our dreams?

I am really touched by your sensitivity, and ability to convey all these emotions thru your words, but your words actually are just a carrier of your feelings

You have such a gift not just to feel every thing so intensely and deeply, but also to transmit those feelings thru words into the reader..

I never thought the pain within some one can be so intense.


komal said...

Simone ur words are very very deep. anyone can feel the deepness of your Love from your words.I am surprised wit your so strongggg poetry.Love you Simone. You are PERFECT:)