Heart and Mind decided to make a celebration
By inviting all emotions to their house

Heart was an easygoing host
It was just worried about creating the most pleasant atmosphere
To make all his friends comfortable

Mind was tense
Worried about every detail
Perfectionist she was
Wanted everything under her control
To not lose control

The first guest to arrive was Curiosity
She came holding a magnifying glass
To not let any detail to escape of her investigative mind
Her questions were endless

Then came Selfishness
Wanted to make sure to the hosts that only she
Would get a VIP treatment
The rest of the guests were not as important as her
She claimed the best food, the best drink, the best place on table

Envyness arrived in the next minute
Looking down everybody
Making everything she saw
Seems cheap under her judgement
Nothing was good enough to her
She made fun of everything
Everything she could not have she found a way to despise

Arrived alone
Asked a chair in the corner
To be isolated of all
Wanted privacy, silence
As soon she saw Melancholy arriving
She got in love with her

Could not trust anybody or anything
She was afraid of being betraied
Did not wanna join any one in the house
As thought everybody was conspirating against her

Arrived shaking
With eyes wide open
Trembling voice
He was sure the house was haunted
Was overwhelmed by his worrisome thougths
Wanted to run away

Arrived celebrating the event
Came in a flamboyant style
Brought a collections of all kinds of smiles
She wanted to fill the atmosphere with colors and laughs

Enthusiasm, Happiness closest friend
Arrived willing to make all celebrate
Brought lights and invited all to have a great time

Arrived with her diabolic mind
Determined to sabotage the party
Anger and Hate were with her holding hands
All planning a plot to make everybody desolated and hurt

Arrived with her mind out of reality
Her screams where so frightening
That Fear got panicked
And wanted to leave at all costs

Arrived and the host Heart was bewitched by it
Love was handsome and charming
Came spreading hugs and kisses
He was warm, accepting
For him everybody had good intentions
His tenderness was endless
Most of emotions flirt with him

Passion, Heart's cousin
Arrived with such a strong enthusiasm
Overwhelming she was in intensity
Was with eyes everywhere
To find someone to stick with
She was restless and energized
Always read to conquer a new sweetheart

The phone rung
It was Laziness to say that
She was too tired to come
Would spent the day on the sofa
Doing nothing
With zero energy
She told she only would go to the party
If Enthusiasm got her in the doorsteps of her house

Asked help to Courage to get in
Eyes down, blushing
Wanted to find a corner to stay discretly
She felt quite unfit in that place
Too worried about what all could be thinking of her
If she was okay dressed or not
If could express herself or not
Joined Fear and both most of the time
Stayed out of sight

Doubt with Indecision came
Were the lasts to arrive
Were uncertain about the exact location
And both had a hard time to make decisions
When more than one option was given to them to choose

Along the hours, the party kept flowing
The atmosphere was a mixed of all kinds of feelings
Heart was delighted
Mind found all that agitation nerve-racking
As for her, emotions did not know to behave at all
They needed rules and regulations
Things that Heart did disagree completely with
To heart, all emotions should be free
To be them in full

When the party ended
All kinds of comments were heard
Happiness and Enthusiasm wanted endless celebrations
Curiosity felt like there was still something else to know about
She was not satisfied
Madness, Enviness, Selfishness, Meanness became the best friends
Left the party making judgements, false statements, non sense comments
Solitude and Sadness got lost with Melancholy
Fear and Shiness left through the back door feeling such a relief to go home
The party for them were nothing more endless tension
Suspicion was not convinced about the hosts' good intentions
Doubt did not know if should stay or go
Passion called the Heart to the garden to contemplate the moonlight
Could not resist to hug Heart tightly and make some ardent romantic confessions
Love did like everything
Promised to come back
Left a message to Heart:
"Come to me, to live with me, you will not regret
Forget your life with Mind
Embrace me fully ...
This way you will be always happy and warm
I can take your breath away
I am the only one, besides my friend Passion, that can speed your beats
And make you live the most exciting and unforgettable experiences ..."

The End ...



Legs sit on the tree branch ...
Skin feels the fresh breeze ...
Eyes check the time endlessly ...
Looking around and in the horizon ... restless ...

Mind starts getting overwhelmed by the tension rising ...
Memories of good moments come
Like running scenes of a movie ...
Expectation grows every minute that passes
Bringing closer the encounter ...

Chest feels heart like a huge drum echoing on its walls ...
Senses are all ears to not let anything passes unnoticed ...

Forehead starts sweating ...
Restless movements of hands ...
Now mind can barely imagine the scenery
To be built any time close to this very moment ...

Reason is starting shutting down ...
Time is running out ...
Cheeks blushing ...
Paces aproaching ...
Heartbeats race like wild horses
Savoring their freedom ...

Eyes get the first glimpse of the beloved ...
Pupils dilate signaling an undeniable welcome ...
Lips bite one another as could not fit in rest position ...
An unrehearsed smile comes in shy style ...
Everything seems awkward within ... out of tone ...
Gazes locked ... scanning mutually the faces ...
Breath gets shorter and shorter ...
All senses are in such an alert state
That even the sound of a single leaf falling on the ground
Can be heard loudly ...

Four legs hang on the tree branch ... side by side ...
Hands little by little approaching ... flirting ... willing to match as one ...

Why all of these avalanche of events happen underneath?
What this person called beloved
Is or has that triggers so many emotions?
These are things we cannot explain ...
Words get mute when feelings take the lead ...
Heart tries to uncode what mind cannot ...
There is no space for reason to exist in this circunstance ...
Reason gets lost and blind ...
Heart is the only possible vehicle of expression ...
When all the strongest emotions
Make us slaves of their will ...

What all of this rollercoaster of emotions are called?


What else could be, after all?