Nine to five
I work so hard
Like the bees in a hive

There is no free lunch
There is not great compensation
To so much dedication

The market is tough
Every day is so crazy
No room to be lazy
I left home so in a hurry
That I even forgot to water my daisy

My boss is the evil
His lack of popularity is unbelievable

The colleage besides me
Is always trying to have more power at all costs
He does not care about the losses

He wants to be the big
But what he doesn't know is that
Everybody thinks he is a pig

My work is so boring
I really count the seconds
To finish the morning

When I get out of here
I go to the bar to get a beer
Than I can relax and stop living under fear

My situation is not clear
I feel so weak
Some times I feel like
I will not live more than a week

I work nine to five
I see nothing really inspiring
My life is just a foot in front of the other
To survive




A beloved one's absence
Makes the heart mute

It feels lifeless
The sunny days disappear
Become winter

The uplifting emotions get frozen

Melancholy set the tone

The beloved one's fragrance missed

The tenderness ...

The fuel that does speed heartbeats
Is dreamed of all over again ...

The absence of the beloved's lively spirit
Is felt as candle
When a strong wind extinguishes its flame

A warm nature
Has such an impact on one's feelings

The love for someone
Can fill up one's world completely

Every corner of it
Become colorful

A possessed heart's eyes
See the other person
Wrapped by a kind of aura that
Shines as the sky
In a starry night

The heart hears voices
As if all were sweet music
That delights a soul ...

To love and be loved
For some feels as fireworks of enthusiasm within ...
To others a rebirth of the soul

All this metamorphosis of emotions
Hibernate when the loved one is not around
The moments become unfruitful ...
It is like time has stopped
And all the senses become paralyzed
In a colorless and faceless world ...
It is called meaning
The meaning someone can get in other one's life
It is lasting if true
It vanishes if shallow
This is the law of loving



The sunshine comes as a blessing
After a long period of dark and cold days ...

The sunrays penetrate my being
As a force of life

I feel as to have rebirth from ashes
My mind speaks louder and clearly

My heart pumps happiness
My emotions celebrate
The voices within
Finally unchained...
I was in need of change...
It was like being stuck
In a world of limitations...

Now I feel free as a bird
That reached the highest spot of a mountain

I can see a new horizon
I can see the possibilities out there

I am willing to embrace them
Make my destiny something uplifting and promising ...

It is a brand-new life
To live my wholeness
By being my real me in full!