A beloved one's absence
Makes the heart mute

It feels lifeless
The sunny days disappear
Become winter

The uplifting emotions get frozen

Melancholy set the tone

The beloved one's fragrance missed

The tenderness ...

The fuel that does speed heartbeats
Is dreamed of all over again ...

The absence of the beloved's lively spirit
Is felt as candle
When a strong wind extinguishes its flame

A warm nature
Has such an impact on one's feelings

The love for someone
Can fill up one's world completely

Every corner of it
Become colorful

A possessed heart's eyes
See the other person
Wrapped by a kind of aura that
Shines as the sky
In a starry night

The heart hears voices
As if all were sweet music
That delights a soul ...

To love and be loved
For some feels as fireworks of enthusiasm within ...
To others a rebirth of the soul

All this metamorphosis of emotions
Hibernate when the loved one is not around
The moments become unfruitful ...
It is like time has stopped
And all the senses become paralyzed
In a colorless and faceless world ...
It is called meaning
The meaning someone can get in other one's life
It is lasting if true
It vanishes if shallow
This is the law of loving



Sam said...

Beautifully written i must say....!!
My dear Simone....in a very simple way you have touched the core of emotions....Loving someone and being loved by someone enlightens the whole life...its kindles the heart and inflame the soul....life actually takes a new birth when love arrives

very well you have interpreted the wrench of a heart that is longing for beloved...

Life becomes worth living when our loved one is with us...and when that person is away....life becomes fade and dull...

Keep writing Simone...your words have the power of expression....

Simone said...

Thank you so very much for your so nice comment dear Sam! Very appreciated! :)

Yes, love is such an inspiring emotion that it is an easier topic to write about.

I think if I had never experienced love, I would not know what to say, how to describe. But having lived it all the words come out like water in a fountain! :)

When it is the heart that "writes" so many things can come to the surface. I just let it go, Sam!

I am glad you have enjoyed the poem! :)