You were fantasy
The impossible
The most secretive being on earth

In your extreme simplicity
A woman made of labyrinths
Your enigma was translated by Anais
Who got lost in your world of seduction
Unmatchable beauty...

June ... you were a dream
An opioid-like substance
A delirium for minds
Firework for hearts

You made others naked in front of you
A fever turned to hallucination
You mesmerized the world around you
You were mostly misunderstood
By the ones who tried to decode
Your unparalleled universe

You were a being of many dimensions
Forced to fit in a world incompatible
With your physics

A black hole of mystery who dragged so much fascination
And so sparkle comprehension
Only Anais reached your truth
She knew you were
The feminine personified
She took your last veil...




He can be everywhere
Though nobody knows
Where He comes from
Where He goes to

He is beautiful
But nobody can describe His face

He is the strongest
But it is unknown
How far his power can reach

Most people believe Him
But there is not concrete prove of His existence

He is alive
But invisible

He can control life and death
But nobody knows
His reason to decide
Who will live
For how long
Who will die
Of what cause

He is the Almighty!

His name resonates out loud
But most people do not know
How to define Him

We expect a huge world of possibilities
From him
But God is simple
He just expects a sparkle of faith
From us

He loves us
In spite of knowing our weaknesses
Sins and mistakes

He can forgive the unforgivable
He can understand the indecipherable
Things that our minds and hearts are blind to

God is the ultimate mystery!




The baby...
"I wish a world made of milk
Mother's arms
A cozy pillow."
The kid ....
"I wish a world made of candies and playgrounds
School only once a week
Christmas every day."
The teenager ....
"I wish a world made of friends
Free of acnes
Dates and parties 24/7."
The adult ...
"I wish a world made of easy money
Fancy cars and beautiful houses
Well behaved kids
More vacations
Less responsibilities
Boss free."

The elderly ...
"I wish a world free of pain and disease
Free of gray hair
Forever young."

"I wish a world with happiness and love!"



Spring brings the smells
Summer brings the light
Autumn brings the changes
Winter the ultimate challenge

Nature is a dynamic flow of moods

Can be smooth
Can be tough

It can bring hope and relief
As well as tragedies
Beauty and terror
In a matter of a second

Nature has its own temper
Nature has its own reasons

It was born to be the lord
Of its own fate




The portrait was the center of that once sumptuous room where, at old times, controversial decisions were made, weddings celebrated, secrets revealed ... The man in the portrait witnessed rise and fall of generations of people who took that room as an open window to set free their suppressed selves. Today, the room is mute, the house empty, the portrait just part of the dust left behind. But in the core of this old man lives untouchable an unprecedent treasure of stories which could delight people's imagination for a hundred years without leaving any trace of disappointment.




Sovereign in the sky
Flies the vulture...

Its wings
Dreadful shadows

Shineless eyes

Its living depends on other beings' death
Death means an irresistible taste
A more pleasant existence after the feast

The vulture has no companion
But the silence of perished lives

Flesh and blood
Leads the vulture's senses
To a state of absolute elation

The vulture mastered
The mysteries life and death
Hold in their cores



A childhood dream
That could lead to a brilliant future
Is shattered

Years pass...
Life can be cynical
Tiny world
Destinies again tied

Now the former "prosecutor"
Is this vulnerable being
Frightened and lost
In need of love
Being visible and accepted

The opportunity comes
Like a dream come true

The whole atmosphere and possibilities
Seem unbelievably beautiful and ravishing
The untold is revealed in each gaze
Language of nuances
Suppressed desires
Come out to the surface
Flourishing, nourishing


The past memories
Bring only the blindness
Of hate, bitterness, and revenge
It underlines the circumstances
The story of these two miserable beings

Lives forever changed
One for the better
The other for the worse
Prosecutor and victim take turns

That victimized child
Kept living in this being
Who became a day and night stalker
Vicious mind
Frozen heart
Hidden in a fake
Undeniable expression of love
Immaculate beauty
Understanding and seduction

Some kinds of pain
Can never be forgiven or forgotten
An unturned page
Throughout a lifetime


(* This poem was written after watching the movie "The Page Turner")


First challenge
Brand new awareness of life
Time to explore
Make bonds
Time to test the limits
Build an identity
Time to mature
Refine skills
Latter adulthood
Time to contemplate
Enjoy wisdom
Re-define life
Old age
Time to be free
Look back and be proud of accomplishments
Time to cultivate memories
Movies of a lifetime
Time to accept one's destiny!


It was built hundreds of years ago
By the hands of a dreamer
The church was tiny and humble
Lost in the center of a crowded forest
Where trees curly and strong
Used to parade their pride
Inside the temple
Statues of saints
Kept everything alive
By the power of their presence
Their eyes ... so mesmerizing
In kindness expression
In the altar
Jesus was smiling
Both hands holding his heart
No more crucified
Sacred place
Lost souls' haven
Looking for the ultimate salvation
Furtive miracles
Revelations ...