He can be everywhere
Though nobody knows
Where He comes from
Where He goes to

He is beautiful
But nobody can describe His face

He is the strongest
But it is unknown
How far his power can reach

Most people believe Him
But there is not concrete prove of His existence

He is alive
But invisible

He can control life and death
But nobody knows
His reason to decide
Who will live
For how long
Who will die
Of what cause

He is the Almighty!

His name resonates out loud
But most people do not know
How to define Him

We expect a huge world of possibilities
From him
But God is simple
He just expects a sparkle of faith
From us

He loves us
In spite of knowing our weaknesses
Sins and mistakes

He can forgive the unforgivable
He can understand the indecipherable
Things that our minds and hearts are blind to

God is the ultimate mystery!



Reflection said...

The Ultimate Mystery
which is right there in front of our eyes, every where..!!
but we need special eyes to see HIM

Simone said...

Have you seen Him Asma?