You were fantasy
The impossible
The most secretive being on earth

In your extreme simplicity
A woman made of labyrinths
Your enigma was translated by Anais
Who got lost in your world of seduction
Unmatchable beauty...

June ... you were a dream
An opioid-like substance
A delirium for minds
Firework for hearts

You made others naked in front of you
A fever turned to hallucination
You mesmerized the world around you
You were mostly misunderstood
By the ones who tried to decode
Your unparalleled universe

You were a being of many dimensions
Forced to fit in a world incompatible
With your physics

A black hole of mystery who dragged so much fascination
And so sparkle comprehension
Only Anais reached your truth
She knew you were
The feminine personified
She took your last veil...



Reflection said...

i wanna meet June too

Simone said...

:) Yes Asma, June was a real woman .. she was quite extraordinary ... I learned about her in a book written by a woman who got fascinated by her and admired her a lot as a woman! I will bring for you a paragraph Anais Nin (the woman who understood June so well)wrote on June. There is a movie called "Henry and June" that talk about her as well. She had a very unique personality!