A childhood dream
That could lead to a brilliant future
Is shattered

Years pass...
Life can be cynical
Tiny world
Destinies again tied

Now the former "prosecutor"
Is this vulnerable being
Frightened and lost
In need of love
Being visible and accepted

The opportunity comes
Like a dream come true

The whole atmosphere and possibilities
Seem unbelievably beautiful and ravishing
The untold is revealed in each gaze
Language of nuances
Suppressed desires
Come out to the surface
Flourishing, nourishing


The past memories
Bring only the blindness
Of hate, bitterness, and revenge
It underlines the circumstances
The story of these two miserable beings

Lives forever changed
One for the better
The other for the worse
Prosecutor and victim take turns

That victimized child
Kept living in this being
Who became a day and night stalker
Vicious mind
Frozen heart
Hidden in a fake
Undeniable expression of love
Immaculate beauty
Understanding and seduction

Some kinds of pain
Can never be forgiven or forgotten
An unturned page
Throughout a lifetime


(* This poem was written after watching the movie "The Page Turner")

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