It is Valentine's day
Hearts beat in unison
Eager to reveal their emotions
Before the beloved

Reassuring presence
Lasting feelings
Feeding the flames
Of old pledges of love

Anticipation for closeness
Complicity of souls
Daydreaming eyes
Naive smiles

Hands are the messengers of the inner emotions
Which blossom by the touch

The presence of the beloved
Is like an ever lasting rainbow
After a storm
Fresh, vivid, captivating

How to tell
What lives in the kingdom of the soul?

How to tell
What lives in the intricacies of mind?

How to tell
What lives in a passionate heart?

There is always a way to unveil
The deepest feelings
It demands an encounter of two individuals
Eager the let the emotions flow
In a moment of no boundaries
No walls, no resistance
No fear of vulnerability

The beauty of mutual feelings
Is decoded by the intersection of each other's being
One surrendering to the other
Letting it be ....

When withdraw of resistances happens
A new domain of impressions and expressions take place
Engulfing two worlds
Turning them into one
The memory of who is who is lost
Mystical and sublime mutation

The outcome of this incredible fusion of beings
Bring up to the surface furtive revelations

The beauty of it
Is that both learn that feelings
Can be more than a mix of sensations and thoughts
They also transcend to other levels of
Understanding and acceptance


So fundamental thing
In the exchange of love ...
If there is not absolute acceptance
There is no possibility of reaching
The state of completeness when together

There is no perfection of being
All have days of storm and shadows
All carry uncertainties and insecurities
All are afraid of revealing their ghosts
All have something inside that will never come out to the sunlight
Will remain behind the armor of the self
All challenged to forgive and forget
All humans
All perishable
All students in the school of life
The master is above us

Learning about love
Is learning about life and ourselves
When we entrust who we are to the other
Comes an awareness beyond our own perception
The echo of us in another being
Portrait new beauties and sometimes unexpected obscure sides in us


No humbleness, no acceptance
No lesson learned
No growth
No wisdom

The day one discovered love
All touched by it got forever changed
What a powerful feeling!!!

The beloved is in front of the eyes
How pleasurable to look at this person
Who mobilizes all emotions
Everything in us dive in this "conspiracy"
As the beloved influence on us
Is so remarkable ...
To hide becomes a challenge

But why to hide?

Why not let this river of so beautiful feelings
Keeps its trajectory to where God knows
It was meant to be ...

Beauty of giving
Should never be self-contained ...
Resistance to give
Is a waste of what the divine gave us as a gift

Living our emotions in the other
And embracing the other's emotions in us
Is to build from God's gift
A track of promising days
Poignant outcomes ...

Life with love
Is a life well lived
Well learned
Well understood
Well given to the next generations
Of lovers to be and givers to born

The beloved is such a precious and delicate treasure
The beloved is who makes
The capacity to feel and give and take

When one is in love...



Love makes to change the atmosphere
The colors become more vivid
The air unique freshness
The pulse of life intensifies its beats

Love makes understanding possible
Suddenly all languages translatable
It dissipates fears and brings peace to the soul

Love makes a revolution in the heart
Shakes it with a smile
A fertile soil to grow brand new uplifting emotions
Ready to parade their magic nature

Love makes beauty where beauty could not be seen
It gives us a new perspective of life and living
Black and white of the even hardest moments
Can become a rainbow of colorful possibilities

Love makes bridges possible to be built
Even in stormy days when everything seems to be collapsing
Distant and irreconcilable

Love makes reason more reasonable
Words more reliable
Gestures more captivating

Love makes our inner chemistry to change
Everything that the body is made conspirates to create
An inner universe of warmth and incredible harmony

Love makes the senses sharper to detect the world around
Sounds become sweet melody
Smells the finest perfume
Taste translates unimaginable flavors
Vision masterpieces
Touch a new channel to communicate what words cannot tell

Love makes miracles happen

Shadows ... light
Pain ... pleasure
Sadness ..... exhilaration
Anguish ... freedom
Silence .... a poetic voice
Hardness .... reconciliation
Lack of hope .... a new horizon
War ...... serenity

Love makes days memorable
Future promising
Dreams possible of coming true

Love makes changes
Changes make new rebirths
New rebirths another chance to make right
Making right is what we all look for
To keep the love factory
Never ending spread of beauty and joy

When love is made
Everything becomes possible to reach
Love is the key to make peace with inner turmoils
Love turns even hell a heaven
Love is a gift
Love is a path
Love is a force

What love makes
Fingerprinted becomes
Time cannot erase its memories
Other feelings have no power to replace it
Love is the lord of its own will

What love makes
Can change but does go away
It was meant to live
As a caterpillar
A butterfly-to-be in a cocoon
In a never ending metamorphosis

What love makes
The wholeness of a being shakes
Long time to be constructed takes
It is vulnerable to mistakes
One's conscious awakes
Its ties no force of nature breaks

Love gives life
Love makes light
Love makes us fly upright
The full moons light ignite
A hug very tight
Love makes us to dream every night
Dissipates the bitterness of a fight
Many lives can rewrite
Many hearts reunite
Love is as brave as a knight

What love makes in a heart
Is as pretty as a work of art
The beauty of it
No word can omit
No enemy can defeat
Nothing makes more complete

What love makes
It is all about connect
Demands a lot of respect
It is an emotion hearts never neglect

After all...

What love makes
Is an undeniable and irresistible treat
That no one can ever forget
Nor takes as a regret

What love makes
Cannot be undone
It shines inside
Like a midnight sun



The world is thinking
The minds speaking
Each one has a life
In which many want to dive
To get a feeling of delight

While we think
Another one may not even wink
Expecting the outcome

Lives exposed in a window shop
Can be a feast to the ones who like to be in the audience
While the "show" keeps playing
As it was a big entertainment
But it is not a fictional plot
It is reality
Many can judge with so much lack of morality
It is a human inclination to enjoy to look through the lock hole
When the key is absent
To check each and every event
Be the first one to know the content
Some will have just innocent curiosity
Others will feel pleasure with the scene
Some will make fun of the protagonists and events
Others will become addict to "stalk" one's lives
And every single thing it represents
When one's feelings/emotions come up to the open world
All kinds of interpretations they will get
It depends on the personality of who will "give a verdict'
To the "case"
Turn public thoughts and emotions implies in certain risks
Risk of misunderstandings
Risk of being exposed to meanness
Risk of having the words twisted by one's minds
All kinds of things can happen
Because in this world
Kindness and evilness rule all the time
Be us openly in a world in which
The vulture like mind set is in charge most of the time
Brings so much disappointment
The human values are so distorted that
To be our truth
Sounds like a capital sin
One will have to carry as a burden for the eternity
This world is an island surrounded by hypocrisy
Venomous minds
Carry sarcastic hearts
These are the weeds that spread so easily
Creating roots in society
Leaving a track of destruction and desolation
Making fun of someone's thoughts and feelings
Is the favorite pastime
To the ones who reach pleasure by looking others down
This is the only way they find to feel superior
Disguising their own feelings of inadequacy and smallness
At the expense of one's humiliation
When someone's world is speaking
The world of these shallow thinkers
Start working like a factory of bitterness
Speaking thoughts and emotions in a loud voice
In a world in which so few people
May will listen to it with respect and share constructive thoughts and feelings about
Demands a strong belief in one's integrity
When someone is speaking his/her mind
What the world around is thinking or may think?
Is a question many of us make
We should not to do so!
If we mind too much
We surely will not find much encouragement
To give a voice to who we really are!
So we must go on...
Regardless of what the world may be thinking!

Should not be a rule
To have to prove anything to anybody
But to our own selves
By keeping the congruity
Of who we are in thoughts and expression of feelings
Translated in our attitudes
If an author really minds about what the world around is thinking of his voice
He/she will never be able to go further than the first paragraph
As it is impossible to try to please everybody

So lets go on with he voice alive no matter what
It will be rewarding enough if at least one heart and one mind be touched
By one inner universe's harvest!



The sidewalk along the river had been always a piece of path to come and go, nothing else. However, one day something changed the scenery. She was there, resting patiently, an old lady with a scarf wrapping up her gray hair. Her hands were on her lap. They seemed hurt with scars of difficult times. The sun over her very white skin emphasized the wrinkles. Her blue and crystal clear eyes seemed to be travelling a thousand miles away. She was not alone. There was a cane beside her. That very old woman intrigued me. She gave me a very generous smile and I decided to approach. I sit beside her on the bench after we have introduced to each other. We began a conversation. She had a very strong Russian accent. She had been living her for almost twenty years. She said that she liked living in this country because people were always together. However, I saw through her eyes a sort of sadness when she talked about missing her country. She said that Russia was a very good place to live before the World War II. After that, everything got difficult. The situation was death, famine, downfall, and lack of perspective. She was filled with nostalgia. Suddenly, she stopped talking. Her eyes were fears and tears again. Everything became a long time of silence and we stayed there to stare the landscape. When the sun grew weak I had to go. I did not see that woman again, but she left such a good impression of hers in me. I did not know her and I did know her enough ... so strange feeling. She shared some time with me talking about very important memories and I would like to celebrate them always. After all, they were treasures of a candid heart and soul, and precious moments of a lifetime.



There is something intriguing about the wind
It travels like a gypsy
Invading the most secretive places and spaces
Without a warning

Unpredictable and temperamental personality
It can be sweet and refreshing as breeze
Furious and merciless as cyclone

Its does not have boundaries
Is timeless
Unstoppable in its willingness toward freedom

The wind tastes and smells
The surface and depth of everything

It has its own way to unveil
Every single living mystery




"The Housewife"
(a satirical perspective)

Captive inside the house
Lives the housewife
She is the one who wakes up the morning sun
And says good night to the moon

She does not care about modernity or its demands
Her old fashion style is always perfect on her
After all, her runaway
Is endlessly from one room to the other

Her hands are rough
Like a cat's tongue
Her skin smells the latest brand-new disinfectant in the market
She is always updated with a whole line of household "perfumes"

Her knees have lost their covers
After so many years of use serving the floor
She is a very humble person
Does not like to sound superior
So the subservient position is the best
To translate her principles and values

Her face...What a masterpiece!
The sexiest wrinkles ever
Carved on her complexion
Jurassic fossils-like species
The housewife is absolutely unique in
Qualities, abilities, and "adorns"

She is the queen of the house
The house is her castle
She is allowed to be the boss of the dungeon and basement!

She was the one who created the term business woman
Day and night busy solving problems in the laundry and bathroom
Which demand zero intellectual skills

She is totally independent to go from the bed to the kitchen
Without having to ask for permission
Or further instructions

The kitchen is her office
The most important decisions are made there
What to do for lunch and dinner
Is the most asked question she makes to herself

The housewife is the ultimate professional
Nobody is more efficient as a multi-task
God needed 7 days to create the world
The housewife just need 24 hours
To create a world chaos free
To everybody lives in freedom, safety
Space, decency, and of course
Sanitized and civilized fashion

In spite of being the busiest being alive
She is still "fresh" enough
At the end of the day to serve the king's demands
No matter in what level of exhaustion she is
Whatever department is needed
Kitchen, shower, or bed

She is powerful!
Ladies and gentleman what a woman!
She is the real wonder woman
Her gifts are countless!

The unique part of her that is not allowed to live in full motion is her brain
The king and outsiders in general
Prefer to keep it "safe and sound"
In the land of forgetfulness
As it was a disposable item

The housewife is so "lucky" for having such an "attentive"
Understanding man by her side, front, and back
Preventing her to think "properly"
After all, what a waste of gray and white matter
Having a brain
When the housewife is already this
Glorious creature
Without having to make use of any neuronal cell or its connections
She got her Nobel Prize as the most competent and unselfish being at home!!!

When the housewife "dares" to think
Everybody takes it as an outrage and tantrum
So lets keep her a brainless sort of being
"This is the safest and more prudent thing to do!" - says the king of the house
After all, what is inside a housewife's mind
Does really matter?
To the inhabitants of the house
Of course not!

Her intellectual skills all arbitrated are probably
Nothing else then useless trash
Like the one she takes outside
Every day when the garbage truck arrives
In her home sweet home!

What a spectacular position to have in society!
An irreprehensible housewife
Or should I say
An irreprehensible slave wife




You remind me a medieval warrior
Hidden in a heavily armor
Like him
You are also afraid of being hurt
The difference is that
The warrior fights for his life
You fight for keeping yourself in your comfort zone

The warrior tries to avoid
Sharp swords on his heart
You try to avoid dealing with people's emotions
In your heart

Your weapons hurt more than swords
They open wounds which will never heal

Being loved is your nightmare
So everything must be in control

Fear of being vulnerable
Haunts you
Define you
They are your ghosts

Know that love sets free
It does not have chains
It gives wings
When it is true

If you do not allow yourself to live it
Your are condemned to a miserable existence
It hurts for the eternity