"The Housewife"
(a satirical perspective)

Captive inside the house
Lives the housewife
She is the one who wakes up the morning sun
And says good night to the moon

She does not care about modernity or its demands
Her old fashion style is always perfect on her
After all, her runaway
Is endlessly from one room to the other

Her hands are rough
Like a cat's tongue
Her skin smells the latest brand-new disinfectant in the market
She is always updated with a whole line of household "perfumes"

Her knees have lost their covers
After so many years of use serving the floor
She is a very humble person
Does not like to sound superior
So the subservient position is the best
To translate her principles and values

Her face...What a masterpiece!
The sexiest wrinkles ever
Carved on her complexion
Jurassic fossils-like species
The housewife is absolutely unique in
Qualities, abilities, and "adorns"

She is the queen of the house
The house is her castle
She is allowed to be the boss of the dungeon and basement!

She was the one who created the term business woman
Day and night busy solving problems in the laundry and bathroom
Which demand zero intellectual skills

She is totally independent to go from the bed to the kitchen
Without having to ask for permission
Or further instructions

The kitchen is her office
The most important decisions are made there
What to do for lunch and dinner
Is the most asked question she makes to herself

The housewife is the ultimate professional
Nobody is more efficient as a multi-task
God needed 7 days to create the world
The housewife just need 24 hours
To create a world chaos free
To everybody lives in freedom, safety
Space, decency, and of course
Sanitized and civilized fashion

In spite of being the busiest being alive
She is still "fresh" enough
At the end of the day to serve the king's demands
No matter in what level of exhaustion she is
Whatever department is needed
Kitchen, shower, or bed

She is powerful!
Ladies and gentleman what a woman!
She is the real wonder woman
Her gifts are countless!

The unique part of her that is not allowed to live in full motion is her brain
The king and outsiders in general
Prefer to keep it "safe and sound"
In the land of forgetfulness
As it was a disposable item

The housewife is so "lucky" for having such an "attentive"
Understanding man by her side, front, and back
Preventing her to think "properly"
After all, what a waste of gray and white matter
Having a brain
When the housewife is already this
Glorious creature
Without having to make use of any neuronal cell or its connections
She got her Nobel Prize as the most competent and unselfish being at home!!!

When the housewife "dares" to think
Everybody takes it as an outrage and tantrum
So lets keep her a brainless sort of being
"This is the safest and more prudent thing to do!" - says the king of the house
After all, what is inside a housewife's mind
Does really matter?
To the inhabitants of the house
Of course not!

Her intellectual skills all arbitrated are probably
Nothing else then useless trash
Like the one she takes outside
Every day when the garbage truck arrives
In her home sweet home!

What a spectacular position to have in society!
An irreprehensible housewife
Or should I say
An irreprehensible slave wife


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