You remind me a medieval warrior
Hidden in a heavily armor
Like him
You are also afraid of being hurt
The difference is that
The warrior fights for his life
You fight for keeping yourself in your comfort zone

The warrior tries to avoid
Sharp swords on his heart
You try to avoid dealing with people's emotions
In your heart

Your weapons hurt more than swords
They open wounds which will never heal

Being loved is your nightmare
So everything must be in control

Fear of being vulnerable
Haunts you
Define you
They are your ghosts

Know that love sets free
It does not have chains
It gives wings
When it is true

If you do not allow yourself to live it
Your are condemned to a miserable existence
It hurts for the eternity



Reflection said...

I cant help wondering
who is that person
that remind you of all this?
where did all this coming from

could it be some one inside?
sorry if i am asking too direct
or too personal questions
obviously u dont have to answer
any of them


Simone said...

No Asma, of course you can make questions .. why not? There is nothing wrong in doing so!

In fact Asma, this poem was written some years ago .. it is about a person from the past. That was my perception of that person ...