It is Valentine's day
Hearts beat in unison
Eager to reveal their emotions
Before the beloved

Reassuring presence
Lasting feelings
Feeding the flames
Of old pledges of love

Anticipation for closeness
Complicity of souls
Daydreaming eyes
Naive smiles

Hands are the messengers of the inner emotions
Which blossom by the touch

The presence of the beloved
Is like an ever lasting rainbow
After a storm
Fresh, vivid, captivating

How to tell
What lives in the kingdom of the soul?

How to tell
What lives in the intricacies of mind?

How to tell
What lives in a passionate heart?

There is always a way to unveil
The deepest feelings
It demands an encounter of two individuals
Eager the let the emotions flow
In a moment of no boundaries
No walls, no resistance
No fear of vulnerability

The beauty of mutual feelings
Is decoded by the intersection of each other's being
One surrendering to the other
Letting it be ....

When withdraw of resistances happens
A new domain of impressions and expressions take place
Engulfing two worlds
Turning them into one
The memory of who is who is lost
Mystical and sublime mutation

The outcome of this incredible fusion of beings
Bring up to the surface furtive revelations

The beauty of it
Is that both learn that feelings
Can be more than a mix of sensations and thoughts
They also transcend to other levels of
Understanding and acceptance


So fundamental thing
In the exchange of love ...
If there is not absolute acceptance
There is no possibility of reaching
The state of completeness when together

There is no perfection of being
All have days of storm and shadows
All carry uncertainties and insecurities
All are afraid of revealing their ghosts
All have something inside that will never come out to the sunlight
Will remain behind the armor of the self
All challenged to forgive and forget
All humans
All perishable
All students in the school of life
The master is above us

Learning about love
Is learning about life and ourselves
When we entrust who we are to the other
Comes an awareness beyond our own perception
The echo of us in another being
Portrait new beauties and sometimes unexpected obscure sides in us


No humbleness, no acceptance
No lesson learned
No growth
No wisdom

The day one discovered love
All touched by it got forever changed
What a powerful feeling!!!

The beloved is in front of the eyes
How pleasurable to look at this person
Who mobilizes all emotions
Everything in us dive in this "conspiracy"
As the beloved influence on us
Is so remarkable ...
To hide becomes a challenge

But why to hide?

Why not let this river of so beautiful feelings
Keeps its trajectory to where God knows
It was meant to be ...

Beauty of giving
Should never be self-contained ...
Resistance to give
Is a waste of what the divine gave us as a gift

Living our emotions in the other
And embracing the other's emotions in us
Is to build from God's gift
A track of promising days
Poignant outcomes ...

Life with love
Is a life well lived
Well learned
Well understood
Well given to the next generations
Of lovers to be and givers to born

The beloved is such a precious and delicate treasure
The beloved is who makes
The capacity to feel and give and take

When one is in love...


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