Love makes to change the atmosphere
The colors become more vivid
The air unique freshness
The pulse of life intensifies its beats

Love makes understanding possible
Suddenly all languages translatable
It dissipates fears and brings peace to the soul

Love makes a revolution in the heart
Shakes it with a smile
A fertile soil to grow brand new uplifting emotions
Ready to parade their magic nature

Love makes beauty where beauty could not be seen
It gives us a new perspective of life and living
Black and white of the even hardest moments
Can become a rainbow of colorful possibilities

Love makes bridges possible to be built
Even in stormy days when everything seems to be collapsing
Distant and irreconcilable

Love makes reason more reasonable
Words more reliable
Gestures more captivating

Love makes our inner chemistry to change
Everything that the body is made conspirates to create
An inner universe of warmth and incredible harmony

Love makes the senses sharper to detect the world around
Sounds become sweet melody
Smells the finest perfume
Taste translates unimaginable flavors
Vision masterpieces
Touch a new channel to communicate what words cannot tell

Love makes miracles happen

Shadows ... light
Pain ... pleasure
Sadness ..... exhilaration
Anguish ... freedom
Silence .... a poetic voice
Hardness .... reconciliation
Lack of hope .... a new horizon
War ...... serenity

Love makes days memorable
Future promising
Dreams possible of coming true

Love makes changes
Changes make new rebirths
New rebirths another chance to make right
Making right is what we all look for
To keep the love factory
Never ending spread of beauty and joy

When love is made
Everything becomes possible to reach
Love is the key to make peace with inner turmoils
Love turns even hell a heaven
Love is a gift
Love is a path
Love is a force

What love makes
Fingerprinted becomes
Time cannot erase its memories
Other feelings have no power to replace it
Love is the lord of its own will

What love makes
Can change but does go away
It was meant to live
As a caterpillar
A butterfly-to-be in a cocoon
In a never ending metamorphosis

What love makes
The wholeness of a being shakes
Long time to be constructed takes
It is vulnerable to mistakes
One's conscious awakes
Its ties no force of nature breaks

Love gives life
Love makes light
Love makes us fly upright
The full moons light ignite
A hug very tight
Love makes us to dream every night
Dissipates the bitterness of a fight
Many lives can rewrite
Many hearts reunite
Love is as brave as a knight

What love makes in a heart
Is as pretty as a work of art
The beauty of it
No word can omit
No enemy can defeat
Nothing makes more complete

What love makes
It is all about connect
Demands a lot of respect
It is an emotion hearts never neglect

After all...

What love makes
Is an undeniable and irresistible treat
That no one can ever forget
Nor takes as a regret

What love makes
Cannot be undone
It shines inside
Like a midnight sun


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