The world is thinking
The minds speaking
Each one has a life
In which many want to dive
To get a feeling of delight

While we think
Another one may not even wink
Expecting the outcome

Lives exposed in a window shop
Can be a feast to the ones who like to be in the audience
While the "show" keeps playing
As it was a big entertainment
But it is not a fictional plot
It is reality
Many can judge with so much lack of morality
It is a human inclination to enjoy to look through the lock hole
When the key is absent
To check each and every event
Be the first one to know the content
Some will have just innocent curiosity
Others will feel pleasure with the scene
Some will make fun of the protagonists and events
Others will become addict to "stalk" one's lives
And every single thing it represents
When one's feelings/emotions come up to the open world
All kinds of interpretations they will get
It depends on the personality of who will "give a verdict'
To the "case"
Turn public thoughts and emotions implies in certain risks
Risk of misunderstandings
Risk of being exposed to meanness
Risk of having the words twisted by one's minds
All kinds of things can happen
Because in this world
Kindness and evilness rule all the time
Be us openly in a world in which
The vulture like mind set is in charge most of the time
Brings so much disappointment
The human values are so distorted that
To be our truth
Sounds like a capital sin
One will have to carry as a burden for the eternity
This world is an island surrounded by hypocrisy
Venomous minds
Carry sarcastic hearts
These are the weeds that spread so easily
Creating roots in society
Leaving a track of destruction and desolation
Making fun of someone's thoughts and feelings
Is the favorite pastime
To the ones who reach pleasure by looking others down
This is the only way they find to feel superior
Disguising their own feelings of inadequacy and smallness
At the expense of one's humiliation
When someone's world is speaking
The world of these shallow thinkers
Start working like a factory of bitterness
Speaking thoughts and emotions in a loud voice
In a world in which so few people
May will listen to it with respect and share constructive thoughts and feelings about
Demands a strong belief in one's integrity
When someone is speaking his/her mind
What the world around is thinking or may think?
Is a question many of us make
We should not to do so!
If we mind too much
We surely will not find much encouragement
To give a voice to who we really are!
So we must go on...
Regardless of what the world may be thinking!

Should not be a rule
To have to prove anything to anybody
But to our own selves
By keeping the congruity
Of who we are in thoughts and expression of feelings
Translated in our attitudes
If an author really minds about what the world around is thinking of his voice
He/she will never be able to go further than the first paragraph
As it is impossible to try to please everybody

So lets go on with he voice alive no matter what
It will be rewarding enough if at least one heart and one mind be touched
By one inner universe's harvest!


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