Anais wanted to solve everybody's problems
To come true everybody's dreams
To set free everybody's locked souls

She was an extraordinary woman
She was human
The best friend
The most optimistic
Wisest and deepest
A dreamer
Idealistic and altruistic

Anais translated June
She was the only one
Who unveiled her many faces

Then Anais became fascinated by Henry
I miss so much the time when she had only eyes
Dreams, feelings, and thoughts
Toward June's kaleidoscopic figure
And world where reality and fantasy
Seemed so impossible to untie

Henry was so rude!
So blind, so insensitive ...
Practically a cave man

June was unique
Endless delicacy
Several shades of nuances

Anais & June
Spoke each other's language fluently
They loved and admired themselves
Mutual and unconditionally
Shared twin souls

Henry in spite of his harsh nature
Got both women in love with him
Though never being able to reach their
Greatness, beauty, or power

He was not clever enough
Sensitive enough
Human enough
Talented enough
Generous enough
Visionary enough ...

He took them for granted
He had no idea the treasures he had
Shinning in front of him
He lost his last chance to experience
What be truly loved means
He underestimated that this kind of opportunity
Happens once in a lifetime
His ultimate mistake!
Some things in life
When gone
Can never be recovered ...
Late may be too late!



The blue earth in space
Looks like a pregnant belly
Round and bright

It contemplates the infinite universe
The stars wink to the earth
The blue of one flirts with the shinning aspect of the other
They never get bored in their game of mutual fascination

The blue planet is made of shades
Dark blues .... light blues ...
It makes a rainbow of only one color that is as beautiful as the one when all colors meet

The blue planet is vast and imposing
It is sweet and gracious
In it hides braveness and sensitivity

The oceans are the sovereign
Between all the other blues
Its immensity brings fear and astonishment
Its times of strong waves and peace are so captivating

The oceans seem like the universe
A never ending surface that can embrace all beings and things
Both oceans and universe are all mystery
Carry in their core so many intricate secrets
They really enjoy to challenge
Make them proud and intriguing

The blue butterflies spread everywhere on earth
They make such a beautiful and playful decoration
Their wings move as ballerinas on stage
Harmonious they are ...

The world of blue
Once touched me
Friends I was of it
Its meaning I miss

The blue of the sky and oceans and butterflies and flowers
Cannot be forgotten
It lives as a forever memory within
Powerful it is!



Your voice
Is music to my soul
Your eyes
Windows to my dreams
Your laugh
Light to my days
Your touch
Nourishment to my heart
Your presence
Delirium to my imagination
You are a world of non-exhaustive possibilities
You challenge my limits
You confuse my senses
You are a four dimensional being
There is always
Something else about you
Lost in translation
You are my heaven
My loving secret!



The landscape today
Reminds me a Monet's painting
First day of Spring
The sun shines proudly

The sky is blue
Like it had drunk the ocean
Flowers parade their charm
Wind combs the soft grass
Blessed by the morning dew
Birds, bees, and butterflies
Make the garden
Today's conversation
Everything is so vibrant
Eager to exhale its beauty and life
What a delight!



Along our lives we are constantly looking for keys to unlock all kinds of secrets. Secrets behind people's emotions and thoughts. Secrets behind the mysteries of the Universe. Secrets behind our existence. All these things are doors to be open. Each new open door is a learning experience. Each secret unveiled a new opportunity to grow. In order to live in this planet and do something meaningful we need to be willing to find the right keys to the right doors. These open doors and the secrets revealed by them will give us a perception. Our perception will be our legacy to help others to open other doors and facilitate their own path.



Restless world ...
So many conflicts emerging worldwide
Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria
In no time claims for freedom and a minimum of social equality will erupt in other places
By spreading as a contagious disease out of control
It seems that there is a limit to everybody to endure
The limit of dignity
To save one's dignity
People do not choose to go to the stress and risk their lives fighting for a cause
Unless they really have a strong reason to do so
In all these countries the people who are in charge
Are so old in power, so selfishly rooted as rulers
Blindly greedy individuals ... heartless
They ignore their people's needs
Just care about who in the family will be their successor
Another generation of corruption and abusers
People are dying of famine
People live under oppression day after day
People have denied a voice
The possibility of choosing who will govern them
Nourishing a perspective of a better life ... is not a right
No matter how hard they give of themselves to make a country moves forward
They will never have any access to enjoy the fruits of their accomplishments
Since birth children witness their parents struggle to survive
To bring food, water, and a roof to protect them
Children of wars live nightmares while awake
They learn what violence and pain mean since the very beginning
They learn about injustice
They become orphans
The forgotten generation ...
If a being is kept secluded forcefully for long
Lives constantly squeezed by repression
Has to give up basic needs which will never be addressed
Is brutalized by egotistical tyrants
Has to bury own dignity
With this all the dreams of a lifetime ...
At certain point or the person loses the sanity
Or gets growing inside a feeling of hatred so intense
That fight for a better life
Even without ignoring the risks of this battle
Is still something worth to do
For a chance of reaching freedom and fair opportunities
Getting back at least a dignifying existence
As a human being
What we see today in these countries under turmoil
Is an atmosphere so similar to that one that triggered the French Revolution
People used to be so oppressed and humiliated at those times
Forced to live an existence of pure servitude
Slaves trapped in invisible chains
As beggars trying to survive of leftovers
While their despot "owners"
Do enjoy a frivolous daily living
In the most extreme flamboyant style
The ones who suffer endless injustice
Sooner of latter will manifest their pain
When the absolute outrageous situation hits its saturation point
Is the moment when they realize
Have been target of severe exploitation all their lives...
We are not in Medieval times anymore
It is 21st century!
But still in certain societies the same pattern keeps repeating over and over again
In this competitive and individualistic world
Man's nature did not change
Who is in charge oppresses
Who is in disadvantageous position
Has two choices
Falls apart, succumbs facing the circumstance
Fight for their rights
For the expensive cost of losing their lives doing so
This world is a jungle
"Natural selection" still dominates the nature of things ...
Still sets the tone of the outcomes ...
Natural selection" imposed by the greedy
For their own convenience
But today
The people's revolution became
Rulers' worst nightmare
It is a desperate battle for the made invisible
Rebirth t0 a new world...
Breath their own fresh air...
Speak up out loud ...
All these screaming voices and blistering bullets
Are inconvenient truths these slave drivers have tried to suppress at all costs
For the merciless abusers
The apocalypse is now!!!
For the victimized ones
The most overwhelming delight
Emancipation might bring and mean
To a mind
To a heart
To a soul
To a lifetime of silent and bloody struggles ...



Nowadays the world is in intense turmoil
Natural disasters, deaths, losses of all sorts, uncertainties
Wars and lack of compassion, selfishness, and negativism

I ask myself...
When there is this shadow of pains and fears over all of us everywhere
What we should learn from these experiences in which we may be caught
As victims or expectators?

No matter what side we are ... all become involved, mentally, physically, or emotionally ...
It is impossible to be indifferent to what threats the survival of all of us in this planet...
This is the big picture .... the life we live to the world outside ... this life that somehow connects
us all, no matter religion, race, background, culture, personal status in society, color, believes ....

Inside of us ... in our world of emotions that is so volatile
All of these things also are likely to happen similarly...
"Self-quakes" followed by tsunamis of overwhelming feelings
Losses, deaths, crisis, worries, uncertainties ...
There are times one's inner life has its own disasters ...

Then, no matter if in the world outside or inside ... there will be a time of grief and loneliness
Reconstruction, searches for new paths of possibilities and hopes ...
Another chance of "reinventing" life with better moments, safe environment
Generosity, braveness, sense of companionship, humanity, and love ...

No matter how serious the disaster might be ..
We human beings have inside us this eagerness to keep believing that it still worths to be here ...
Life has potential to be pretty again and uplifting
After all, after powerful storms, comes a rainbow, the sky becomes blue again, the clouds clean

and light ...
It is true that unfortunately some between us will be taken by the storm forever .. will perish
Life stories reaching the end in this existence ...
Life is made of challenges, mysteries, discoveries ...
No matter if in the physical world or emotional world
Life is a constant battle to keep the balance of things
Keep the coherence in words and actions
Some days will be felt disgraceful
Other days made of pure pride ....

No matter if outer or inner storms
One thing is certain ..
More important than trying to find reasons to what happens to us
Is to think about what to do to move on, go forward
By overcoming the bumps on the way
Loosening knots
Reborn on and on from the ashes ....



There was a day when the sun got tired of coming
The Earth had no warm to embrace it
All the creatures felt lifeless

The sun self-esteem was so low
It wanted to be reassured about its importance
The owl with her usual wisdom told to all beings about the sun's sadness
Its reason
And so all decided to do something meaningful
To god Sun

The trees came and said:
Sun without you our branches cannot be stretched
Our arms just hang motionless
And if our arms don't get stretched the birds cannot make nests on them
They will not know where to go
Will become homeless

The soil came and said to the sun:
Sun if you not come, I cannot nourish nature
Most of beings which get their source of energy from me will suffer of starvation
No energy to make their best
Their willingness to be them in full will vanish

The sky came and said to the sun:
Sun, if you don't come, I cannot shine and will be cold up here
People will not like to lay down on the grass
To look up at me and enjoy my beauty, my blue, my greatness

Then human beings came and said to the sun:
Sun, if you don't come, there is no purpose in embracing life
Our moods will be always down, depressing
Lost in coldness and emptiness

If you come
You will see all faces with wide smiles
Kids jumping in the vast green valleys
Butterflies and flowers will parade their beauty with utmost pride

You see how colorless life can be without you???
We need you to want to live
We need you for us to have light in life

The sun felt so pleased and touched by all those testimonials ...
That asked the clouds to make rain
And after the rain the sun brought the most amazing and colorful rainbow
It wrapped all beings with love and gratitude for making it feel important and wanted ....

After that day
The sun never ever felt down or unwanted again
He learned that he was unforgettable and essential to all beings
The sun understood
Its warmth, its light, its presence
Made all the difference
Life and Death



Not all separations finish in anger
Some finish for other reasons
While there is still good feelings involved
These are the ones which generate conflicts within
It seems so incompatible to leave if there is still affection breathing...

It is a war of affection and disillusion
Wanting to keep and having to letting go
It is a war of values
So complex, so intricate
Very difficult battle to engage

Once in my life
I met two people, two worlds, two life stories
Both very skilled with words
Very powerful gift for captivating
Very, very charismatic figures ...

I've learned about and from them
I've learned to love them
I've learned to admire them
I've learned to care for them
I 've learned, above all, to believe them
So much was shared during the construction of friendship
So many thoughts
So deep emotions
So much learning
So rewarding ...

But I have learned that to believe blindly
Takes considerable risks in a relationship
I wanted to believe as an idealistic person does
Reciprocity in sincerity
I wanted to believe due to the love felt for them...

It is not about mistakes
As all of us make them
No question about it
All of us imperfect beings!

I talk about values
Incompatibility of values
This is something difficult to change
Sometimes even difficult to realize
In denial we live when so engaged emotionally...

It is true that as people are different
Give different meanings to different things
What may be important to one
May be purposeless to another
Perhaps that is what generates most of the conflicts
When we live in process of relating...

I wanted genuinely
To make these friendships work
If I could erase the conflicting part in them
To celebrate the uplifting moments would be so rewarding
There is nothing better than to cherish what makes us feel good

These two friends were very distinct ones
Very fond of me
Each and every day of the journey
On the path of my friendship with them
Was meaningful and had beauty
Laughs and ideas
Surprises and nonsenses
All celebrated with so much enthusiasm...

Wherever they are at this moment
I want them to know
What they gave me as a treasure will keep living within
They are disappointed with me
I am very aware of it
From my own initiative
I had to let go these friendships
Any choice would bring pain to both sides...

I have to be humble enough to accept
Whatever negative feeling they both have for me nowadays
I do accept and respect the way they may be feeling
As it was born from the decision I've made...

In my memory and heart they will always live
I don't think the feelings of affection for them will vanish ever
Both surely left a very significant legacy in my life
As women and human beings...

I do not regret to have invested in those friendships
Even if I knew the outcome would be this
Every single thing I gave from me to them was with willingness
The same way the things I got from them I embraced with unconditional acceptance

I had to leave in spite of having affection...

I had to say goodbye in spite of wanting to welcome...

I had to admit in spite of denying ...

I had to follow my path of values
Could not ignore them
If they are right or wrong
It depends of one's own perspective
The only thing I know is that
They are me, who I am
I cannot betray them
I cannot betray my essence
No matter if the heart speaks another language...