Restless world ...
So many conflicts emerging worldwide
Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria
In no time claims for freedom and a minimum of social equality will erupt in other places
By spreading as a contagious disease out of control
It seems that there is a limit to everybody to endure
The limit of dignity
To save one's dignity
People do not choose to go to the stress and risk their lives fighting for a cause
Unless they really have a strong reason to do so
In all these countries the people who are in charge
Are so old in power, so selfishly rooted as rulers
Blindly greedy individuals ... heartless
They ignore their people's needs
Just care about who in the family will be their successor
Another generation of corruption and abusers
People are dying of famine
People live under oppression day after day
People have denied a voice
The possibility of choosing who will govern them
Nourishing a perspective of a better life ... is not a right
No matter how hard they give of themselves to make a country moves forward
They will never have any access to enjoy the fruits of their accomplishments
Since birth children witness their parents struggle to survive
To bring food, water, and a roof to protect them
Children of wars live nightmares while awake
They learn what violence and pain mean since the very beginning
They learn about injustice
They become orphans
The forgotten generation ...
If a being is kept secluded forcefully for long
Lives constantly squeezed by repression
Has to give up basic needs which will never be addressed
Is brutalized by egotistical tyrants
Has to bury own dignity
With this all the dreams of a lifetime ...
At certain point or the person loses the sanity
Or gets growing inside a feeling of hatred so intense
That fight for a better life
Even without ignoring the risks of this battle
Is still something worth to do
For a chance of reaching freedom and fair opportunities
Getting back at least a dignifying existence
As a human being
What we see today in these countries under turmoil
Is an atmosphere so similar to that one that triggered the French Revolution
People used to be so oppressed and humiliated at those times
Forced to live an existence of pure servitude
Slaves trapped in invisible chains
As beggars trying to survive of leftovers
While their despot "owners"
Do enjoy a frivolous daily living
In the most extreme flamboyant style
The ones who suffer endless injustice
Sooner of latter will manifest their pain
When the absolute outrageous situation hits its saturation point
Is the moment when they realize
Have been target of severe exploitation all their lives...
We are not in Medieval times anymore
It is 21st century!
But still in certain societies the same pattern keeps repeating over and over again
In this competitive and individualistic world
Man's nature did not change
Who is in charge oppresses
Who is in disadvantageous position
Has two choices
Falls apart, succumbs facing the circumstance
Fight for their rights
For the expensive cost of losing their lives doing so
This world is a jungle
"Natural selection" still dominates the nature of things ...
Still sets the tone of the outcomes ...
Natural selection" imposed by the greedy
For their own convenience
But today
The people's revolution became
Rulers' worst nightmare
It is a desperate battle for the made invisible
Rebirth t0 a new world...
Breath their own fresh air...
Speak up out loud ...
All these screaming voices and blistering bullets
Are inconvenient truths these slave drivers have tried to suppress at all costs
For the merciless abusers
The apocalypse is now!!!
For the victimized ones
The most overwhelming delight
Emancipation might bring and mean
To a mind
To a heart
To a soul
To a lifetime of silent and bloody struggles ...


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