There was a day when the sun got tired of coming
The Earth had no warm to embrace it
All the creatures felt lifeless

The sun self-esteem was so low
It wanted to be reassured about its importance
The owl with her usual wisdom told to all beings about the sun's sadness
Its reason
And so all decided to do something meaningful
To god Sun

The trees came and said:
Sun without you our branches cannot be stretched
Our arms just hang motionless
And if our arms don't get stretched the birds cannot make nests on them
They will not know where to go
Will become homeless

The soil came and said to the sun:
Sun if you not come, I cannot nourish nature
Most of beings which get their source of energy from me will suffer of starvation
No energy to make their best
Their willingness to be them in full will vanish

The sky came and said to the sun:
Sun, if you don't come, I cannot shine and will be cold up here
People will not like to lay down on the grass
To look up at me and enjoy my beauty, my blue, my greatness

Then human beings came and said to the sun:
Sun, if you don't come, there is no purpose in embracing life
Our moods will be always down, depressing
Lost in coldness and emptiness

If you come
You will see all faces with wide smiles
Kids jumping in the vast green valleys
Butterflies and flowers will parade their beauty with utmost pride

You see how colorless life can be without you???
We need you to want to live
We need you for us to have light in life

The sun felt so pleased and touched by all those testimonials ...
That asked the clouds to make rain
And after the rain the sun brought the most amazing and colorful rainbow
It wrapped all beings with love and gratitude for making it feel important and wanted ....

After that day
The sun never ever felt down or unwanted again
He learned that he was unforgettable and essential to all beings
The sun understood
Its warmth, its light, its presence
Made all the difference
Life and Death


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