Anais wanted to solve everybody's problems
To come true everybody's dreams
To set free everybody's locked souls

She was an extraordinary woman
She was human
The best friend
The most optimistic
Wisest and deepest
A dreamer
Idealistic and altruistic

Anais translated June
She was the only one
Who unveiled her many faces

Then Anais became fascinated by Henry
I miss so much the time when she had only eyes
Dreams, feelings, and thoughts
Toward June's kaleidoscopic figure
And world where reality and fantasy
Seemed so impossible to untie

Henry was so rude!
So blind, so insensitive ...
Practically a cave man

June was unique
Endless delicacy
Several shades of nuances

Anais & June
Spoke each other's language fluently
They loved and admired themselves
Mutual and unconditionally
Shared twin souls

Henry in spite of his harsh nature
Got both women in love with him
Though never being able to reach their
Greatness, beauty, or power

He was not clever enough
Sensitive enough
Human enough
Talented enough
Generous enough
Visionary enough ...

He took them for granted
He had no idea the treasures he had
Shinning in front of him
He lost his last chance to experience
What be truly loved means
He underestimated that this kind of opportunity
Happens once in a lifetime
His ultimate mistake!
Some things in life
When gone
Can never be recovered ...
Late may be too late!


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