The blue earth in space
Looks like a pregnant belly
Round and bright

It contemplates the infinite universe
The stars wink to the earth
The blue of one flirts with the shinning aspect of the other
They never get bored in their game of mutual fascination

The blue planet is made of shades
Dark blues .... light blues ...
It makes a rainbow of only one color that is as beautiful as the one when all colors meet

The blue planet is vast and imposing
It is sweet and gracious
In it hides braveness and sensitivity

The oceans are the sovereign
Between all the other blues
Its immensity brings fear and astonishment
Its times of strong waves and peace are so captivating

The oceans seem like the universe
A never ending surface that can embrace all beings and things
Both oceans and universe are all mystery
Carry in their core so many intricate secrets
They really enjoy to challenge
Make them proud and intriguing

The blue butterflies spread everywhere on earth
They make such a beautiful and playful decoration
Their wings move as ballerinas on stage
Harmonious they are ...

The world of blue
Once touched me
Friends I was of it
Its meaning I miss

The blue of the sky and oceans and butterflies and flowers
Cannot be forgotten
It lives as a forever memory within
Powerful it is!


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