The ultimate demand and pain
The last shelter
The last drop of life...

Open wounds
Suffocating atmosphere

Jesus cries...
While the crowd seems to savor His suffering

The cross is so heavy and oppressive!
Lacerating the flesh of His nude shoulders
He is so lonely
Exhausted and desolated...

Jesus screams crucified...
Why such an horrendous sentence?
He was a pacifist!
He was a reconciliator!
He was unconditional love personified!

Human beings around him
Were like vultures
Waiting His last breath of life
By showing sadistic expressions
Elated evils!

Jesus moans in the cross...
The wind strokes stronger and stronger
Bringing turbulent clouds
The sky is purple
Bloody rain covers the surface of earth

The sinful crowd runs terrorized
The good hearts cry with Him
Twisting in agonizing pain

Jesus is dead!
Thunderstorm breaks violently
Lightning electrifies the sky 
Guttural sounds reverberates in every corner
It is almost impossible to gasp air
Hell in life

All of a sudden
The fury of nature subsides
It is all silence...
The sky is clear as ever
Turquoise in color
The heavy clouds are gone
White birds fly in all directions
The earth breaths serenity ...

On top of the mountain
The cross is empty
Nails still deeply buried in its core
Jesus is gone!
Nowhere to be seen in flesh
Deserved freedom He got
Eternal peace He reached

In His brief passage here
He tried to save us
His death was not enough
His love was not enough
He was such an innocent and pure soul...

No matter how much He did for us
He gave of His precious life for us
We are still taking wrong paths
Making bad choices
Destroying more than building
Hating more than loving

We still have so much to learn
To mature ... to grow...
Life is a school
God is the master

Jesus tried to help us
To get "good grades"
But most of us
Ignored His clues

Jesus died in vain, after all...
His ordeal along the journey to crucifixion
Only reached a few sensitive hearts
Toward salvation and redemption

Santified was His legacy
His mark He left here
Undeniable memory

In spite of being so injured by cruelty and injustice
Love was what He gave us
Love He asked us to multiply
Spread as seeds in the soil of each one's heart 
And each living soul...

When I look at His image crucified
His crow of thorns molded to his head
Skin covered with blood and scars
Expression of atrocious pain
My heart cries endlessly
I feel for Him
Somewhere in me
I want to cure His wounds
Make the memory of His procession of agony vanishes

Since I was very, very young
This image of Jesus hanging on the cross has moved me
Has touched me in the deepest part of my being
Still today, is the same!
I think it will never leave me
It is so powerful influence, presence
It is love and pain
Inspiration and desolation
Mystery and misery
Smile and watery eyes in the same expression
Turmoil of mixed emotions ...


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