Defying power demands braveness
This Libyan woman symbolizes it

Against all odds
She found a voice to denounce her abusers
The ones which terrorized her by taking her 
To the deepest level of fear and pain

Her fight back is a tremendous strength of
Braveness against brutality
Wisdom against ignorance
 Cry out against oppression
Dignity against defamation

Her oppressors thought that by violating her body, her honor as a woman
They would take away everything else
But no matter the degree of violence they inflicted on her
Could not destroy her sense of injustice
 Her values, her believes
 Silence her voice at all!

Eman al-Obeidy is a hero
Powerful woman
Who is empowering so many others by showing to the ones
Which  also have been victimized by all kinds of abuse
That there is a way to survive
There is a window to breath out there
There is a way to be born again in a fair world
 Where they can find still
Respect and love toward them

I hope Eman al-Obeidy
Be never forgotten
That no power shadows
Her right to fight against exploitation

For me she is an inspiration as a woman and human being
Her courage is unbelievable
Her dignity unshakable

It is incredible that her abusers are still in the streets
Enjoying impunity
They tried to frame her as a prostitute and mentally ill woman
In order to undermine her accusations against them
But she is still strong, still alive
She is a winner! 

No matter how much these ignorant men
Try to suffocate her expression
Inside her lives a freedom believer
A justice believer

All muslim and non-muslim women
Should stand to applaud her
As what she has done
Very few would dare to do
In a world market by corruption and savageness

Allah bless her path


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