You were born to be loved
Came with a divine touch
A magical spell
Matchless magnetism

Look how beautiful you are!
Your beauty transcends
The outer is fruit of the inner

When I look at your face I smile
I can see love, serenity
Truth, kindness, braveness

Your heart is like a mansion with countless rooms
Each one of them has exceptional treasures
To welcome the guests you have chosen to be part of it
Portrait of heaven
What a cozy place
A place everybody would dream of living in

When I see your face
Sunrise comes to my vision
A spread of a very shinning light
Mesmerizing colors
You give a sense of life
Sense of warmth

You are a blessing
Gift of God to this world
You came to teach about love and understanding
Truth and beauty
Happiness and the most important values
You can make our lives an unique experience
You personify what is truly meaningful
What lasts
What must be cultivated

Because of who you are
Our sense of faith and hope in people and life
Remains alive

The love and joy you spread are like seeds
Whatever you go
You make grow these nourishments
To hearts and souls

You see the beauty of your mission here?
Think about it
If you do
You will love yourself even more ...


1 comment:

Teeba said...

You are a blessing
Gift of God to this world
( yes YOU are)