I always think about it
Have this interrogation point in my mind ...
What is the truth about happiness?
Where does it live?
Does it have the same meaning for everybody?

After so much thinking
I have learned that to find happiness
And, most of all, to give a meaning to it
Depends on one's own perspective
Depends on one's expectations
And the impact certain experiences have had in one's life

To a person who is dying
Happiness can be to have someone beside to hold hand until the very end

To a person who suffers any kind of addiction
Happiness can be to be stronger than the "seductive" effect of the drug
Each new day that starts and ends

To a person who are in the battlefield
Happiness can be to get out alive of the conflict
To get the victory even by having to pay the price of sacrificing own life at the last moment
And be remembered as a hero like a general for his army
Or a captain for his crew in a war ship

To a poor person
Happiness can be a plate of food and a cup of water

To a rich person
Happiness can be to have unlimited possessions
More power and influence over others

To a model
Happiness can be to stay young and good looking as long as possible

To a disable person
Happiness can be just to get one's respect
And be brave on prejudice

To a person who is incarcerated
Happiness can be to not be forgotten

To a free person
Happiness can be to give others the same chance to be free

To a child
Happiness can be a parent's hug or a day off at school

To an orphan
Happiness can be to be wanted in a core of a family

To a scientist
Happiness can be to make a revolutionary discovery
That will make difference in many lives

To a blind person
Happiness can be to overcome darkness

To a person who has perfect vision
Happiness can be never witness certain events
Like violence or losses

To a domestic violence victim
Happiness can be to survive the abuser
And give hope to others who are still struggling to get rid of their invisible chains

To a lonely person
Happiness can be to get one's heart warmth

To a depressed person
Happiness can be a sunny day outside
To dissipate the cloudy one inside

To a lawyer
Happiness can be to be able to make justice

To a defendant
Happiness can be to get a not guilty sentence

To a humanitarian
Happiness can be to promote peace

In a nutshell
The meaning of happiness
Is multidimensional
Different for each person

But there is one consensus between all
Happiness is essential to get sense of life
It is nourishment to mind, heart, soul, body

 A life without happiness is like a white canvas
No meaning
No colors
No beauty
No sense of self or existence

For some happiness feels as so complicated and sophisticated thing to find
Seems unreachable in the moments one needs the most
How easily faith in happiness is lost...

To be happy also depends on how much we take for granted things we have in life
If we learn to give significance  to little things
Take nothing for granted
Happiness can be everywhere to be found

Happiness can be behind a word, a gesture
In he air we have to breath every second of our lives

I think happiness was created by God to be fairly simple
As if simple it is
All will have the opportunity to enjoy it
No matter color, race, social status, background, culture
After all, we are all God's children
And all recipients of His creations


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