Some people believe
The passport to the success means
To be rich
To be physically perfect in beauty
To have a network of influential people
This is basically the recipe
To make them feel great about themselves
Powerful, desired, accepted, seen ...

Some that  fit in that "category" of thinking and behaving
Usually don't invest in anything really purposeful
After all, today's society
Values basically those things

Celebrities they feel wherever they go
All the doors are permanently open to them
The best opportunities
The best possibilities
To the point that sky does not seem to be the limit!

Behind this fairy-tale life
Might live untold stories, behind the scenes facts
Hidden at all costs to the outsiders
Chapters made of jealousy
Domestic violence
Egomaniac souls
Blind greed
Lack of substance
Abuse of substance
Deep conflicts of self-image
Ruined self-esteem
Fear of loneliness
Very deep emotional needs
All sorts of abuse

Relations based on superficiality are crystal-made in fragility
They sustain themselves just while  the "million bucks" facade keeps shinning, convincing
They are not mean to last
It is all about competition
When people compete for something at all costs
Roots of envyness and all kinds of negativity deep grow
One looks the other down to then feel superior
This is the "societal law"!

This is the human's shadowy side
Can be unlimited in preconceived ideas
Labels, frames
Cruel and mean
Spreading fear and making to emerge tears
It is hard to break this vicious cycle
Eradicate these weeds
Extinguish this poison

Challenging change
Two faced living
Shallow, senseless
Empty ...


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