As audience I learned about you
I asked myself who is that sweet soul
Made of laughs and tenderness ...
Every time I accidently read you
A smile came to me right away
A smiled that converted into admiration...
The admiration made me want to be friends with you
I wanted you as part of my life
I was fascinated by your luminous being
The circumstances were so adverse
It was a very unlikely bond
Both with so busy hearts
Same person, same reason, same sentiment
So strange ...
Strangely as well
Deception and sympathy brought us together
So alike feelings made our meeting a kind of alliance of mutual support
It did not take long for us to become "at home" with one another
We discovered that sense of humor made us strong
The conversations run so smoothly as we had been acquaintances for ages
Day after day I learned a little piece more of you and your story
I could see you were in a journey of pain at that time
Your crying were so heartbreaking to me
Your suffering brought me closer to you
I wanted to be close
My goal in my relation with you became to be your best friend
I wanted to be there to dry your tears
To let you know that you did not need to hold anything
You could let the emotions flow without the fear of being judged
You could be you in full by revealing your thoughts and emotions out loud without hesitation ...
I could not leave you in such a hard moment
It was my choice to stay
Every new day I expected to be there for you
I used to wake up eager to listen to you, be by your side, even if silently
I wanted to protect you, make you feel wanted, share warmth
I wanted to be truth, companionship, a safe harbor, your lighthouse
I did care so much ...
In that challenging journey by your side
I became more and more fond of you
In the expression of your emotions, I had the privilege of making contact with your inner beauty
Your beauty amazed me ... so deep, so unique, mesmerizing ...
Amazed I was also by your integrity, sense of values, loyalty for the beloved one
Love given so fully and unconditionally
I witnessed you loving a person with your whole being ... absolute devotion
Your loyalty in spite of your pain was remarkable ...
The person I found in you bounded with me
First admiration, then friendship, then latter .... love
How couldn't I love you?
You were pure love ..... had all into you to be lovable too!
The love for you came so naturally
So pure, so involving, so genuine ...
Unexpected love ... totally unplanned
Was built in the flow of so many emotions ...
On so solid foundation
It was not born to be sustained by a sand castle
But on an unshakable truth ...
You always ask me
How can I love you so much and unconditionally
After having all the revelations?
Remember that it was by knowing all that I fell in love with you
It was when you told me all that I could see your real you
Watch inside your deepest being
See you as an image in a x-ray
I am not afraid of the truth
You embraced me in full
Accepted unconditionally the truth of my life and inner self
As you see the acceptance is mutual!
Today I have no words to translate this love
When things become out of proportion ... the translation is lost ...
It can only be revealed under the light of intuition
Look at my eyes and you will know
Look into my heart and you will experience what I feel for you
Every time I think of you, every time I look at you, every time you come, and touch my emotional self
You I admire
You I respect
You I want well
You I wish I had in my life throughout my existence
I was blessed when you came
I was blessed when was given me the remarkable possibility of having your love as mine
This love is my blessing and joy
This love is my pride and my light
This love is my heaven
You my angel

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