Year of 2011...

The country was shaked by the announcement:
"Two women will kiss each other passionately
In the soup opera "Amor e Revolucao" ("Love and Revolution")"
Show that all Brazilians can watch in open TV late night

The soup opera is about the political events
From the context of Brazil in the 60's
The military repression
The killings and tortures of innocent people by police
In a time every voice against the government was monitored
Then silenced ...

The characters Marina (Gisele Tigre) and Marcela (Luciana Vendramini)
Are co-workers in a newspaper
Marina is the editor chief
Marcela is an idealistic and courageous lawyer
Both willing to fight against the government barbarisms
By bringing to the public the military attrocities against intelectuals and their followers
Called "subversives"

In the main time Marcela happens to fall in love with Marina
Marina tries to avoid the bond as she feeds a platonic love
For another co-worker ... a married man
Anyway, Marcela is her best friend

At some point of the story of these two characters
An atmosphere of closer emotional and physical attachment between them is created by the author
To bring the love between two women in discussion

The day came when the scene of the kiss between the two actresses was showed openly on TV
The two actresses were willing to be the "pioneers"
To portray the first homosexual kiss on TV
They wanted to break a tabu!

The next day
A legion of enraged people protested against the scene
Many took that context as an ultrageous event that should never happen
But it did!
The scene was very beautifully directed
Nothing was even close to distateful
I mean, to the eyes of the ones against any kind of prejudice
It was not!

As the tittle of the show says ... love and revolution
Love did lead to a revolution
But not as a wanted revolution by some
Just bcz in this case this love is considered
An extreme of an unconventional one
Everything that seems too "radical"
Brings resistance

The ones that protested the most were religious people
They considered the scene a disgrace
An "assault" against the rules and regulations of the moral code
Each and every Brazilian citizen should follow blindly

To another part of the population
The author's courage of bringing the scene to open TV
And the actresses to act on it
Were well taken as an advanced step toward
People's freedom of expression of thoughts and feelings
Beyond this stigma the relationship between people of the same sex does have in its roots

For me, personaly, ultrageous is corruption, misery
Violence, social inequality, greed, lack of compassion ...
This world is impregnated by these things
Why they are not considered tabu as well
If they cause so much pain and devastation???
It is very hypocrit from society to condemn "unconventional" relationships
When so many others so serious issues should be addressed as urgent to be banned!

Love is love
Love is reconciliation
Love is freedom
Love is blessing
Love is giving
It should be accepted unconditionally!

What is the matter two people of same sex in love?
Is it a criminal act?
Does it have a destructive nature?
Does it inflict suffering?

What most people does not know is that homosexualism is not a choice
It is innate!
Some will come with this "seed" that can be manifested or not along their lives
Can be suppressed or not
As boys and girls be born
Or black and white skin color comes as a characteristic of an individual
Same way heterosexual or/and homosexual natures emerge as features as well!

Love should be accepted no matter what way it comes "dressed"!
Most people say that love should be a "normal manifestation"
Meaning between men and women
So why it is not taken to the same cathegory:
Social equality
Fair justice
Honesty in Politics
Character of an individual
All individuals in society should not have the right for a decent life?
Justice system should not be against double standards?
Politicians should not fight corruption?
People should not be good in essence?
Why these things do not work well if they should???

Why crucify love between two women or men
If it is not proven to be the cause of famile, deaths, wars, injustice, opression
And all other sorts of despicable acts our society is immersed in
In many cases voluntarily
Some religious people overreact against what is different
But ignore what is unfair and brutal!!
Religions talk about generosity, kindness, unconditional acceptance
But in reality many religious people are the most prejudiced of all!!
Jesus, the son of God lived here between all kids of individuals
He did not love one more than other bcz of their differences
He did accept the differences without seeing them as unforgivable or imoral
His Father created Himself a world of contrasts
A world of diversities
Why so?
What is the lesson behind it???
All of us should think about it before throwing the first stone
Before judging and condemning the "unconventional"

The truth is that
The "differents" are taken as scapegoats to "cover up" the sins of the hypocrits!
THIS is despicable!!!

Love is a manifestation of our inner beauty
Love should take to freedom not prison!  
Love should take to the path of wisdom not ignorance!
People should walk forwards not backwards!!
This should be the normal course of life ....




While organizing old pictures
I made a journey to my past
Every thing came to my memory so vividly
Like a fresh blow of time ...

I saw the little girl I was
I went back to her world of thoughts and emotions

I was so idealistic
I did believe in a fair world
I did believe all people were potentially good
Perhaps bcz my first reference was my mother
The person I learned about kindness with
Unconditional love
Acceptance, understanding
Warmth ...

I loved to spend time with her
Climb trees
Take care of our cat's kittens
Play alone in a very imaginative way
I was friend of solitude ...

My challenges during childhood were
A very opressive shyness
Many fears, insecurities
Mirrors, shadows, darkness

In my teenage years I was even more idealistic
I wanted to heal all the wounds of the humankind
Feed the hungry
Set free the ones living under oppression
Give a voice to the silenced
Heal all the pains
End prejudice and social inequality
Give a better life to the ones left behind...

I was moved forward by my passions
I was so intense in my ideals
Had very firm principles
Wanted to wrap my mom in love
Be the best friend to the ones looking for a listener
I loved to help ....
I wanted to be there to all!

In my adolescence I discovered passion for the opposite sex
My first boyfriend was my ideal of love
I was happy with him
I did cry bcz of him
When everything was good was very good
When not that good was an inner drama to me ....
It was really that fatalistic-like thought
The all or nothing "sentence" ...

It is interesting how we change as a catterpillar transmutating along the way...
We start seeing things in a different perspective
With new "glasses"
The changes are brought as experiences
In the journey towards maturity...

Growing up is not easy
But even so ... necessary
Some times will have to mature too fast
Due to the harshness of the circunstances
This is the most arduous way of growing
Because we have to skip some steps
Reach a point where most things are unknown and scary
And we are alone with ourselves
There is no way but face them

Today I look back and try to figure out how much I changed
Since childhood ...
I still see myself through the eyes of that little girl in some aspects
In others I am glad I turned some pages and became a new version of me

All of us have this thing while looking at the past
That we could have done some thing different
Maybe yes, maybe not
I think I did my best with the "luggage" of knowledge I had in each phase
I am proud of who I was at some extend
But also regret one thing here and there
This is our dilema as imperfect human beings

Along our lives we reach victories and make mistakes
The interesting thing is that
I have learned more from the mistakes I made
Than the victories I got
Recognizing mistakes is also a victory
As it demands humbleness
Humbleness is needed in the process of learning

The way I was
Still lives with me
Still teaches me

I still learn from that idealistic little girl
I still learn from that passionate adolescent
With all the things that molded me along the years
The way I was is my identity

In the present time
Every day is given to me a new white canvas
The paintbrush is in my hands
The white canvas is life
I hope to still have time to become a talented artist of myself ...
In order to make my life and the life of the ones I have shared a life with
More meaningful, easier, and pleasant ...

I still have doubts about what I want to be and change and do
But one thing I do know
I dont want to be anybody's life black hole
I wanna be a giver not a taker of other's light or energy
I want to bring smile and be unable to give tears
I want to help people to face their fears
By getting strength from their inner gifts
And keep believing in happiness and love
Yes, they are possible realities
If we have faith in us and them ...




Buckingham Palace
Runaway of the royalty
Kings, queens, dukes, counts
Generation after generation
All contemplated by the proud British nation

William and Kate
One another's soul mate
Exchanged rings
Under God's wings

William the future king
Touched Kate heart's string
Handsome and charming he is
All the audience were waiting
For the couple seals the first kiss

This event would surely be a delight to William's mother
The beloved Princess of Wales Diana
Killed in a tragic accident
And to the sky did ascent
William is the portrait of his mother
Sensitive, shy, well-mannered, charismatic
So sweet aristocratic!

The plebeian girl
From more humble origins she came
Nothing to feel ashamed
Now part of the royalty she was named

She got so nice personality
Knows what she wants and where to go
She is a smart and will not be under Queen Elisabeth's evil spell
Hopefully soon will be her farewell
Selfish she is 
Did not give Prince Charles any opportunity to be king
Poison is her sting

William and Kate
Came to bring a new color to the kingdom
Brand-new faces to the monarchy
Leaving behind the royal dusty mentality
Two spirits full of vitality
To change the atmosphere of castles and palaces to another reality

In the balcony the couple was after the marriage
Then went to parade in the streets of London in a fancy carriage
So nice they were waiving and smiling to all people around cheering them
Together they are really a gem!

The monarchy really knows to create a real life fairy tale
In this aspect they never fail
A long life of happiness to William and Kate
Is everybody wishful thinking
Because they are genuinely giving

It is true that for the British tax payers
The royal family lives in a too expensive standard of living
But it seems they are still willing to pay the price
To keep seeing Mr. and Mrs. Nice

Alive is kept the dream of monarchy
To perpetuate their legacy
So proud they are of their roots
Imaculate are their suits
Everything so pretty and shining
Perfectly combining
Old castles and brave knights
Memories of tough fights
Will be always in the spotlight
As the kings and queens have dreamed to be more power than the Almight!

Long life to the king!
Blessings to William and Kate's wedding ring...