Buckingham Palace
Runaway of the royalty
Kings, queens, dukes, counts
Generation after generation
All contemplated by the proud British nation

William and Kate
One another's soul mate
Exchanged rings
Under God's wings

William the future king
Touched Kate heart's string
Handsome and charming he is
All the audience were waiting
For the couple seals the first kiss

This event would surely be a delight to William's mother
The beloved Princess of Wales Diana
Killed in a tragic accident
And to the sky did ascent
William is the portrait of his mother
Sensitive, shy, well-mannered, charismatic
So sweet aristocratic!

The plebeian girl
From more humble origins she came
Nothing to feel ashamed
Now part of the royalty she was named

She got so nice personality
Knows what she wants and where to go
She is a smart and will not be under Queen Elisabeth's evil spell
Hopefully soon will be her farewell
Selfish she is 
Did not give Prince Charles any opportunity to be king
Poison is her sting

William and Kate
Came to bring a new color to the kingdom
Brand-new faces to the monarchy
Leaving behind the royal dusty mentality
Two spirits full of vitality
To change the atmosphere of castles and palaces to another reality

In the balcony the couple was after the marriage
Then went to parade in the streets of London in a fancy carriage
So nice they were waiving and smiling to all people around cheering them
Together they are really a gem!

The monarchy really knows to create a real life fairy tale
In this aspect they never fail
A long life of happiness to William and Kate
Is everybody wishful thinking
Because they are genuinely giving

It is true that for the British tax payers
The royal family lives in a too expensive standard of living
But it seems they are still willing to pay the price
To keep seeing Mr. and Mrs. Nice

Alive is kept the dream of monarchy
To perpetuate their legacy
So proud they are of their roots
Imaculate are their suits
Everything so pretty and shining
Perfectly combining
Old castles and brave knights
Memories of tough fights
Will be always in the spotlight
As the kings and queens have dreamed to be more power than the Almight!

Long life to the king!
Blessings to William and Kate's wedding ring...


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