The puppet master
Is a master of disguises
Oscar winner nominee for best performance
In the art of deceiving

He has many ways to get what he wants
A different technique to each occasion
If wants to impress the audience
He displays the genuinely virtuous being 
Brilliant mind
Recites the most poignant pieces of poetry
Tears he lets fall on his face ... if necessary
He is all charisma
All seduction ....
He can be really very convincing
At least, at the beginning of his act...

But even the master of the masters like him
Has his vulnerabilities
After all, nobody is perfect!
He can be pretty smart
By calculating meticulously
Each gesture and weight each and every word of his speech

First time successful
Second time sucessful
Thirty five times ... the public is still applauding him
And so on ...
No wonder he only can see himself in a pedestal
Endless times that inner voice cheering him:
"You are really unmatchable in cleverness!!"
What a narcisist!

Giving to his "track record" and collossal ego
By the feeling of deceiving others
He is also deceiving himself without even notice!
His excess of self-confidence in his performance
Makes him blind to his surroundings

For time after time
"Success after success"
He underestimated his audience
The biggest mistake he could ever make!
A mistake that started to undermine his show

The performance of a lifetime
As the acts kept repeating without variation
Became less and less "effective"
More and more predictable
 Clearly despicable in the public's eyes
Eroding his credibility

The puppet master
Found the utmost enjoyment in playing with people's feelings
As all were born to be his eternal fool marionettes
Slaves of his will
 His malevolence had no precedents
Rooted in arrogance
Coward arrogance
As he only acted behind the stage
To save his reputation
Fake braveness ... his

Once, twice, third times people can be too naive perhaps
Can be deceived without having a sense of it
But there in the bottom of one self
Lives a sort of radar
A sense of emotional preservation
Heart has his own self-mechanisms of survival
Every time it feels has been used
Over and over again
A red flag shows ..
Time to wake up as something is really wrong in this relation
This radar is called dignity
Threshold of self-respect

There is no doubt that the puppet master
Is brilliant in what he does
Brilliant to be disloyal, to betray, to back-stab
For his own purposes he excels

For many times he can make fun of his marionettes
Feel superior
Manipulate them with absolute "professionalism"
But when the strings tear up
After so much stretching
And he loses control of the puppets
His act means nothing
His power vanishes...

He will find himself holding the strings alone
As his puppets got a life of their own
All because their master wrongly thought
They would never will
They would never had the capability to break the emotional chains
But they did!

There, in the middle of the stage the master is
Consumed by his own bitterness, frustration, and solitude
Pathetic being he became...

There is no audience
There is no applause
There is no life around him
The only thing he can see
Is the spotlight on him
Not to highlight his divine performance
But his deepest misery ...

The curtains were closed forever
No more coming ups
The last door was shut for good...

The marionettes got their freedom
Though the strings were still around their former master's fingers

But at this time holding only his fingers
Nobody else's feelings



I made this country my realm
I govern it by fear
I have no mercy for enemies who try to take me away from this throne
It is mine
Only mine!

I was born a woman
 I saw many underestimate me because of my gender
But when a woman is born with ambition running through her bloodstream
As I was
There is no way to stop such a compelling force
Her nature will blossom to command

I am a self-made winner
Smart enough to urdermine anyone's argument
I did not come to be a follower
But a supreme leader

My country challenges are many
These challenges drive me
To excel in my capabilities

I know it became a land of conspirators
Since I came to power
So I am constantly on guard
With an eagle's eye over my surroundings
Any wrong maneuver might cost my life

The Almight power I have
Make me feel above all
I have this uniqueness
It is seductive to be
In such a high pedestal
My will stands supreme

Every thing in life as a price
The price for my sovereignty as a ruler
Is loneliness
I live in complete emotional isolation
I cannot trust anybody the confession
Of dreams, feelings or expectations

My existence is miserable in this aspect
It is like to live in a devastated place
Plenty of desolation
It is a fruitless ground for a dignifying life ...



All of a sudden
The reality gets distorted

The pleasant
Turns intolerable
The beauty
Dark shadows

Colorless life...

A world of constant agony
Opens wide

The reality suffocates
It is heavy

The existence is nothing
But miserable

Dust in the wind...



I wonder if the legendary Persian poets
Wrote poems about her...

Perhaps Rumi did
She was certainly a kind of person
Who would not disappoint any mind or heart

Her angel face
True smile
Crystal clear eyes
Slow motion gestures
A person absolutely pure
Good nature
Incapable of destructive acts

Rumi would love her inner wealth
The beauty and wisdom
She so carefully tried to disguise
To not let anyone feels less special in her presence
So sensitive she was ...

Her gifts were innate
She was a self-made inspiration
Strong enough to prevent herself to be contaminated by
The shadowy side of human's weaknesses

Her heart was like a shelter where everybody
Could have a cozy place to stay
And be genuinely loved

She learned about life and people
Through her heart
That is why she was able to see the beauty and truth
Lessons and intentions inside everyone and everything

The poet would find in herself
A fertile soil of the finest values and virtues
She lived her faith
She honored her God
She respected her family
She was admired by each and every being

She mastered deepest kindness
She was essentially giving
Her love toward the ones around her
Always unconditional ...

Rumi would be amazed to know she knew to translate all languages
Especially the unspoken ones

She learned the best from others
She gave the best of herself to others

She respected people without distiction
Was an attentive listener
Had always a wise word to give
She was loyal

Her shinning spirit
Touched lives
Changed people
Brought understanding and light
Where there was no hope

She came to make us remember that courage
Are the only seeds able to grow
A better world
A promising future
Lasting and meaningful relationships...

She only did spread
Joy, love, beauty

Rumi would be very proud of her
Very grateful to her
As we all who loved her
What an inspiration to a poet!
What an inspiration as a human being!

Heavenly soul ...




Former governor of Alaska
Now running for presidency
Believe or not!

Republican extremist
Shots mooses from the air
Does not believe global warming is a man's made thing
Queen of non-sense

Her biggest abilities:
Running away from the media (except Fox News)
Talking about what she wants only
Makes believe she knows everything
When in fact
She does not know
Much about anything

Her speech challenges the laws of logic and coherence
She answers what is not asked
Her connection of ideas
Has no precedent
She makes bridges between subjects
Like abortion and foreign policy
As they were intrinsically related
Practically "conjoined twins"

At the end of an interview
She acts as she has impressed everybody
With her surreal intellect
She really makes an incredible impression
But by displaying her syntax allucinations

She is an extraordinary case of delusion
Not only to the public opinion's delight
But also the psychiatric experts

She addresses herself
As a pitbull with lipstick
Hockey mom
Just an American woman
Like "all of us"!

She has beauty at her side
And her dumbness against her
She is a plain ignorant pretending to be an intellectual

Everything she knows about foreign policy
Is that she can see Russia from her backyard

She is making a huge success!
Her books are the New York Times
Most profitable best-sellers
The media is obsessed by her
Every thing she does
Becomes a sensation
Incredible phenomenon!

The conservative Americans
Love her, her hairdo
Japanese glasses
Charm wink blinking to the camera
Her past as a beauty queen of Alaska

People are not interested in if she has a brain or not
It is not important
After all
George W. Bush her fellow
Got ellected twice!

No! Intelligence does not matter
It only bothers the brain
And makes things harder

Most people don't want to think
They just want to watch the super bowl
Make BBQ
And have as a commander in chief
Someone who will tell what they want to hear
And will follow their hypocritical values
No matter what!

Sarah Alien's figure
Is an insult to the book smarts
And a wonder woman to the average fellows

Everybody can be a president
Sky is not the limit anymore!

Thanks to Miss Sarah Alien's aspirations!



From the top of this hill
I can see the whole universe of earth
The place where I got a life to live...

With the eyes of a child I see it
I don't understand many things ...

I thought the world was a playground
Where all could enjoy
Being together
By sharing smiles, dreams, experiences ...

All could run free
Talk spontaneously
Without thinking much
All were transparent
Potentially good in nature ...

I thought all world would have a kid's innocence and purity
All could love each other unconditionally ....
All could adore life with the sweetness of a candy
Melting inside the mouth ....

I thought all could eat well and sleep well
After a long day playing

I thought I would live in a world of fairy tales
With challenges
Happy endings no matter what!

But the world I have seen so far
Is made more of nightmares than pleasant dreams

So few can be their own truth
So few can speak out loud their believes
So few can trust and be trustable
So few can be good
So few can dream of a better future ...

Some only know a life of pain
Deception, depression
Lack of connection...

This world is angry
This world has a  heart with longing of love
Love is the only way to restorate 
The vital part of us, life, hope, and faith... 

This world is all wounds
Healing them
Is the challenge all of us should get involved with ....



Today I was looking at you
And for the first time I saw in front of me a stranger
I felt mixed emotions
Amazing how time has taken so much of this relationship

I remember our first meeting
The way you locked your eyes on mine
Made me blush like my cheeks were on fire
I did not know what you found in me that hold your interest
Whatever it was
Your gesture made me so flattered...

I remember some time latter
How much we both hesitated to touch one another's hands
Then the shiest kiss ever we exchanged
That innocence about everything ....
How pure all those feelings ....

Came the wedding ceremony
So many promises came out of your mouth
With such a conviction in your voice
You made me feel the most special person on the planet
I thought that would be eternal...

The first years of marriage were like heaven
So much love, so much joy
How strong we were together
How successful our bond
All admired it
It was all enthusiasm...

But then, along the years, along the challenges
Something changed
Today I notice it did!

Your indifference toward me
During our breakfast in the morning
Spoke volumes
Was such a revelation...

I look at you and do not see the person I married
We live under the same roof, share the same bed
Yes we are intimates as wife and husband
But that man I met many years ago vanished
The essence of that person is gone 

How things build up in a relationship...
Along the years the communication stops its transparency
The relationship becomes unspoken words
Holding of negative feelings
Disagreements when not discussed turn to a snow ball
Harsh tone of voice
Silent killer like suffering
At the beginning of the down fall
Is confrontation
Latter indifference takes the lead
Then comes bitterness...

One get uncomfortable with the other
Hearts get hardened mutually
Companionship turns into a heavy load

All that beauty from the beginning is just part of a distant past
The spell of love over one another is gone
Now this togetherness seems so senseless
There is barely a conversation
As any senseless thing generates irritation
Irritation leads to even more distance
Nobody is there anymore to water the relation
To try to rescue the former connection
Weeds take possession of the garden of mutual feelings like love
The love did dry inside
Got like motionless
Unconscious ...

Here in this breakfast table
I look at the lines carved on your face
And see that we shared long years of a lifetime
Ups and downs
Victories and losses
But nothing really seemed to have survived
All ... even the memories of that time
Perished ...

Some relationships end up like old pictures
We put in an album
Close it
Accommodate in the bottom of a trunk
Storage in the basement to never see again
It will become part of dust
In the realm of forgetfulness

It is an every day good-bye...



Sleep my angel
I will make sure you enjoy your dreams in peace
I like to look at you while you are disconnected from the world outside
Here you are safe..

I was thinking on the time you were in my womb
Kicking, stretching, swimming upside down is so small environment
Growing a little more day after day..

I was proud of my pregnant belly
My pride was carrying you
I wanted to make you to watch my world
Through my belly button
As it was your window
Then give me your opinion
If after what you saw so far
You wanted to come out soon or not

There into my womb
You learned to understand me
By reading me emotionally
You knew when I was happy, sad, worried, scared, tired, confused ...
I could not hide my feelings from you
As you were living in their house...
You lived my life with me from the inside!

How intimate our relationship...
Amazing bond ours
An unbreakable and unshakable tie for a lifetime...
How powerful...

After you be born
Every time I took you to be nourished
I did enjoy your proximity against my chest
Your eyes staring me like two shinning blueberries
Your toothless smile
Your angel face ... so delicate complexion

How miraculous it is
To bring up a new being
From the inside to the outside
See that tiny life developing
Having her own dreams, personality, likes and dislikes

Here while you sleep on my lap
I see a life under construction
It is so beautiful to witness your amazing transformations
Toward an individual
See you going to school
Learning things
Having friends

While I caress your hair
Your imaculate skin
My heart beats in the same rhythm as yours
I realize how much I love you
It is wonderful to be the most important person in one's life
You make me feel this way
As the ultimate celebrity there within

When you come home from school
And sit to make your homework
I pay attention to you trying to write a phrase
It is such a chalenge for you
Each stroke of pencil demands your whole concentration
I see in you the girl I was at your age
I lived the same things
And my mother was there as well
Like I am here with and for you

Life is really a succession of instants
Generations after generations
One story built up on the other
One add to the other something precious
The meanings survive this way
The love, the experiences

I know that after my death
You will keep me alive in your days
My love for you will be your strength in the difficult moments
Your love for me
Will be the passport that will allow me to follow you
In your own journey
This is the blessing about motherhood
We keep existing in one's life, heart, mind, and soul
 Even when our own life stops breathing ...



It is a suffocating day at the very early morning
The sunrays are already intense
My mother prepared my breakfast
I see her expression of sadness
As there is so little to share
Our lives are harsh in here
We are very grateful for every single thing we have
As we don't have much .... almost nothing!

I wash my face
Brush my teeth
Change my close
Kiss my mom goodbye
She smiles back to me
Her eyes have so much love
I know she is proud of me
Wants me well ...

I leave my house toward school
It is a long journey to walk
The streets are narrow and dusty
I see men going to work
Women with little kids
Watching all events from the windows
They wave to me while I pass
And ask me:
"Learn for us!"
And wish me luck in my day

Yes, every day that I have opportunity to go to school
It is a lucky day
Very, very few girls can do so
This is not a place where girls are supposed to learn from books
Some backwards mentality think so
In fact, to go to school is quite a risky business here
But against all the odds I do go
As I know this is my only chance
To change the course of my heritage to some thing close to promissing 
I am the first girl in generations and generations
Of women before me
Who got the chance to attend school
So I am willing to honor all of them...

My mother cannot read or write
But she knows the importance of education
She makes her sacrifices to benefit me 
To break this cycle of illiteracy
That has run into de family forever ...
She wants my fate to be different
She wants me independent
The owner of my own destiny...

My school is barely a room
It is all ruins
It is such an old, old place!
The walls have bullet holes al over it
A reminder of how risky it is for us to be here
Many girls lost their lives in this place
Just because they wanted to have knowledge
As it was a capital sin!

Here women have almost non-existing rights
Their roles are very strict in society
Mothers, wives, maids
A life of servitude ... only!
Nothing else allowed
Men say women should not think
Just follow their rules
Without questioning
Be subservient throughout their lives
To men's will whatever it is

So, I am a little rebellious girl in this aspect
As I have dared to defy this "sentence"
My life will be different
I will go beyond what is permitted to me in this society as a woman
I wanna have in my hands the option of choosing
If I wanna be a mother, a wife, or a maid
In a life of confinement

At school I feel complete
My teacher is my hero
She is a brave woman too
For being here every day for us
She was also the first in her family to have education
I see in her reflection myself tomorrow
Doing the same to other girls
Setting them free of the chains of lack of perspective

My teacher gives me wings
The books a new life to live
I am so eager to learn what life is beyond my limited reality
I wanna know about other societies, cultures, places
What other women far away from here dream of 
And have built so far

This so poor classroom
Is my world without boundaries
I love it!
I embrace it as its walls were made of gold
And the floor of marble
Here is my secret place
To be who I wanna be
Wise, victorious, proud of being a girl
And, above all, free
Free of the ghost of ignorance

Every single thing I learn
Takes me a step ahead
To make true my dream of becoming a revolutionary
My revolution is to empower women
The complete opposite of what our society believes a woman can be or should be 
I wanna give a voice to their inner treasures
Because I know they have extraordinary potential
I wanna help them to speak up their minds in an out loud tone
And experience what I do here
The happiness of choosing what I think is best for me
I make my rules, I decide what I want or not
What I accept or not

I want to be seen
I do not want to be invisible anymore
No more in the back stage of life
God brought me here
So I want to take advantage of it
In favor of the silenced ones
Oppressed ones
I wanna remove women from behind the invisible walls they live
Give them a window to see that their lives can have colors
Taste different when another reality becomes possible to be seen...

I want to honor every single woman who asks me:
"Learn for us!"
Yes I will
And they will learn from me!!!
We all will spread the seeds of education
Build a new horizon by our own
And never, never again
Have our lives driven by the ones who have denied us for so long 
Our voice and dignity as women we are proud of being
A world ruled by powerful women
Is what I want
So far ...



Another day is ending
I am in the balcony
Witnessing the hours passing
The landscape in front of me changing
The colors of the sky getting darker
Stars coming from nowhere to shine for the night

I love this fresh breeze kissing my whole face
The air smells the perfume of flowers
The atmosphere is calm
Time of peace and contemplation

The night little by little appears still in a shy way
The evening is immersed in its metamorphosis
Embracing the arms of the night
Until disappears completely
In thin air

The day light was tired, lazy
The journey was long
It was time to close its eyes and give up its powers

How pretty nature appears...
Majestic mountains stand proud along the coast
The sea shines as a silver flash of light
The flowers decorate every corner
Fascinating each and every sense passing by

What I see
Is made of unmatchable beauty
As a masterpiece of a famous painter

Every time I come to look at it
My emotions get excited as ballerinas dancing on stage inside me
Emotions love beauty ....

The extraordinary thing about all this beauty
Is that before I even start dreaming to have it all
It was ready to be in front of me
As a surprising gift

But I must be careful!
I'd better never take anything for granted

Depending on the mood of nature
All of this extraordinary landscape
Can change drastically to some thing
Tormented and harsh
In a flash of an instant

So now, with the instants I have
Let me love all of it with a devoted heart
Who knows if tomorrow
When I come to the balcony
This gift will not have been stole
By some unexpected event
Life is so unpredictable...
It is better I don't trust it blindly ...
It has an unstable temper ...
Today serene
Tomorrow stormy...