I made this country my realm
I govern it by fear
I have no mercy for enemies who try to take me away from this throne
It is mine
Only mine!

I was born a woman
 I saw many underestimate me because of my gender
But when a woman is born with ambition running through her bloodstream
As I was
There is no way to stop such a compelling force
Her nature will blossom to command

I am a self-made winner
Smart enough to urdermine anyone's argument
I did not come to be a follower
But a supreme leader

My country challenges are many
These challenges drive me
To excel in my capabilities

I know it became a land of conspirators
Since I came to power
So I am constantly on guard
With an eagle's eye over my surroundings
Any wrong maneuver might cost my life

The Almight power I have
Make me feel above all
I have this uniqueness
It is seductive to be
In such a high pedestal
My will stands supreme

Every thing in life as a price
The price for my sovereignty as a ruler
Is loneliness
I live in complete emotional isolation
I cannot trust anybody the confession
Of dreams, feelings or expectations

My existence is miserable in this aspect
It is like to live in a devastated place
Plenty of desolation
It is a fruitless ground for a dignifying life ...


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