Another day is ending
I am in the balcony
Witnessing the hours passing
The landscape in front of me changing
The colors of the sky getting darker
Stars coming from nowhere to shine for the night

I love this fresh breeze kissing my whole face
The air smells the perfume of flowers
The atmosphere is calm
Time of peace and contemplation

The night little by little appears still in a shy way
The evening is immersed in its metamorphosis
Embracing the arms of the night
Until disappears completely
In thin air

The day light was tired, lazy
The journey was long
It was time to close its eyes and give up its powers

How pretty nature appears...
Majestic mountains stand proud along the coast
The sea shines as a silver flash of light
The flowers decorate every corner
Fascinating each and every sense passing by

What I see
Is made of unmatchable beauty
As a masterpiece of a famous painter

Every time I come to look at it
My emotions get excited as ballerinas dancing on stage inside me
Emotions love beauty ....

The extraordinary thing about all this beauty
Is that before I even start dreaming to have it all
It was ready to be in front of me
As a surprising gift

But I must be careful!
I'd better never take anything for granted

Depending on the mood of nature
All of this extraordinary landscape
Can change drastically to some thing
Tormented and harsh
In a flash of an instant

So now, with the instants I have
Let me love all of it with a devoted heart
Who knows if tomorrow
When I come to the balcony
This gift will not have been stole
By some unexpected event
Life is so unpredictable...
It is better I don't trust it blindly ...
It has an unstable temper ...
Today serene
Tomorrow stormy...


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