Today I was looking at you
And for the first time I saw in front of me a stranger
I felt mixed emotions
Amazing how time has taken so much of this relationship

I remember our first meeting
The way you locked your eyes on mine
Made me blush like my cheeks were on fire
I did not know what you found in me that hold your interest
Whatever it was
Your gesture made me so flattered...

I remember some time latter
How much we both hesitated to touch one another's hands
Then the shiest kiss ever we exchanged
That innocence about everything ....
How pure all those feelings ....

Came the wedding ceremony
So many promises came out of your mouth
With such a conviction in your voice
You made me feel the most special person on the planet
I thought that would be eternal...

The first years of marriage were like heaven
So much love, so much joy
How strong we were together
How successful our bond
All admired it
It was all enthusiasm...

But then, along the years, along the challenges
Something changed
Today I notice it did!

Your indifference toward me
During our breakfast in the morning
Spoke volumes
Was such a revelation...

I look at you and do not see the person I married
We live under the same roof, share the same bed
Yes we are intimates as wife and husband
But that man I met many years ago vanished
The essence of that person is gone 

How things build up in a relationship...
Along the years the communication stops its transparency
The relationship becomes unspoken words
Holding of negative feelings
Disagreements when not discussed turn to a snow ball
Harsh tone of voice
Silent killer like suffering
At the beginning of the down fall
Is confrontation
Latter indifference takes the lead
Then comes bitterness...

One get uncomfortable with the other
Hearts get hardened mutually
Companionship turns into a heavy load

All that beauty from the beginning is just part of a distant past
The spell of love over one another is gone
Now this togetherness seems so senseless
There is barely a conversation
As any senseless thing generates irritation
Irritation leads to even more distance
Nobody is there anymore to water the relation
To try to rescue the former connection
Weeds take possession of the garden of mutual feelings like love
The love did dry inside
Got like motionless
Unconscious ...

Here in this breakfast table
I look at the lines carved on your face
And see that we shared long years of a lifetime
Ups and downs
Victories and losses
But nothing really seemed to have survived
All ... even the memories of that time
Perished ...

Some relationships end up like old pictures
We put in an album
Close it
Accommodate in the bottom of a trunk
Storage in the basement to never see again
It will become part of dust
In the realm of forgetfulness

It is an every day good-bye...


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Simone said...

No I dont think all the relationships end like that, like an old picture in a dust album. Absolutely not! It has to do with meaning, how much one invests in a relationship in faith, love, understanding, tolerance, respect, sincerity. Relationships are exposed to all kinds of vicissitudes, nobody is perfect, yes we may change, but the respect toward the other person even if the relationship ends, does not need to end, should not end. One day we loved that person ... there was mutual devotion. Along our lives, so many things can happen that may change the course of our path, but whatever it is ... respect should never ever be perishable in any relationship.