It is a suffocating day at the very early morning
The sunrays are already intense
My mother prepared my breakfast
I see her expression of sadness
As there is so little to share
Our lives are harsh in here
We are very grateful for every single thing we have
As we don't have much .... almost nothing!

I wash my face
Brush my teeth
Change my close
Kiss my mom goodbye
She smiles back to me
Her eyes have so much love
I know she is proud of me
Wants me well ...

I leave my house toward school
It is a long journey to walk
The streets are narrow and dusty
I see men going to work
Women with little kids
Watching all events from the windows
They wave to me while I pass
And ask me:
"Learn for us!"
And wish me luck in my day

Yes, every day that I have opportunity to go to school
It is a lucky day
Very, very few girls can do so
This is not a place where girls are supposed to learn from books
Some backwards mentality think so
In fact, to go to school is quite a risky business here
But against all the odds I do go
As I know this is my only chance
To change the course of my heritage to some thing close to promissing 
I am the first girl in generations and generations
Of women before me
Who got the chance to attend school
So I am willing to honor all of them...

My mother cannot read or write
But she knows the importance of education
She makes her sacrifices to benefit me 
To break this cycle of illiteracy
That has run into de family forever ...
She wants my fate to be different
She wants me independent
The owner of my own destiny...

My school is barely a room
It is all ruins
It is such an old, old place!
The walls have bullet holes al over it
A reminder of how risky it is for us to be here
Many girls lost their lives in this place
Just because they wanted to have knowledge
As it was a capital sin!

Here women have almost non-existing rights
Their roles are very strict in society
Mothers, wives, maids
A life of servitude ... only!
Nothing else allowed
Men say women should not think
Just follow their rules
Without questioning
Be subservient throughout their lives
To men's will whatever it is

So, I am a little rebellious girl in this aspect
As I have dared to defy this "sentence"
My life will be different
I will go beyond what is permitted to me in this society as a woman
I wanna have in my hands the option of choosing
If I wanna be a mother, a wife, or a maid
In a life of confinement

At school I feel complete
My teacher is my hero
She is a brave woman too
For being here every day for us
She was also the first in her family to have education
I see in her reflection myself tomorrow
Doing the same to other girls
Setting them free of the chains of lack of perspective

My teacher gives me wings
The books a new life to live
I am so eager to learn what life is beyond my limited reality
I wanna know about other societies, cultures, places
What other women far away from here dream of 
And have built so far

This so poor classroom
Is my world without boundaries
I love it!
I embrace it as its walls were made of gold
And the floor of marble
Here is my secret place
To be who I wanna be
Wise, victorious, proud of being a girl
And, above all, free
Free of the ghost of ignorance

Every single thing I learn
Takes me a step ahead
To make true my dream of becoming a revolutionary
My revolution is to empower women
The complete opposite of what our society believes a woman can be or should be 
I wanna give a voice to their inner treasures
Because I know they have extraordinary potential
I wanna help them to speak up their minds in an out loud tone
And experience what I do here
The happiness of choosing what I think is best for me
I make my rules, I decide what I want or not
What I accept or not

I want to be seen
I do not want to be invisible anymore
No more in the back stage of life
God brought me here
So I want to take advantage of it
In favor of the silenced ones
Oppressed ones
I wanna remove women from behind the invisible walls they live
Give them a window to see that their lives can have colors
Taste different when another reality becomes possible to be seen...

I want to honor every single woman who asks me:
"Learn for us!"
Yes I will
And they will learn from me!!!
We all will spread the seeds of education
Build a new horizon by our own
And never, never again
Have our lives driven by the ones who have denied us for so long 
Our voice and dignity as women we are proud of being
A world ruled by powerful women
Is what I want
So far ...


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